Weekly Update (23 June 2015)

This week I have fixed some of the textures that have been bothering me for a while and then started making my first water stream over the moor.

First of is the Birch tree branches where the leaves where thick. I removed about halve the leaves and it’s a great improvement. NewBirch

I added moss to one of my most used wall textures. I like the result and I’ll continue to make more mossy versions of the other wall textures I use as well. walls

I started building a road between the Seysal harbor and the keep using my custom road texture. It takes some getting used to working with the road meshes.


The largest project this week has been remaking a forested area in to an extension of the moor. I removed all the trees and added large cliffs, with junipers and some rowan trees.



Making the stream has really been a challenge and I’m far from satisfied with the result. Really like to take my hat of to the level designers who can make streams look natural.

One of the biggest obstetrical are the waterfalls and creek models, the water flows way to slow and looks more like slime than water. This is something I never really noticed in Tamriel, but I guess I use the models differently.  I know that the speed can be altered, mods like Realistic Water 2 has made the water flow faster in some models. I’ll see if I can figure out how.

Screenshot14528 Screenshot11500


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