Weekly Update (25 January – 2015)

Weekly updates, well the plan is at least to show what has been happening during the week in Hoddminir. Some weeks there will be lots of new stuff and some very little. For this update I’ll show the work from January and it has been a productive month so far 🙂


Trees and Bushes

I have already shown the new bushes I have done, with Lilacs, Sea Buckthorns and Mock Oranges among others. I have also started to work on apple trees and wild roses, but I’m still cleaning up the photos for the textures so I don’t have any re-textured models to show you yet.

As part of the work with the new bushes I changed a settings on the models that Ztree made. You may have noticed that there are a shadowing effect on the branch planes on these models that can look a bit weird at times. This is a Lighting effect in the BSLightingShaderProperty that was a lot lower than in vanilla tree models. All the trees and bushes are now updated and I’ll include them together with the new bushes in the Hoddminir Plants and Trees package soon. Just have to finish the roses and apple bushes first.

Most of the trees we released so far are green and lush as the mod is set in late spring. A new idea I had this winter was to make snowy trees and bushes as part of the Hoddminir Plants and Trees package.  For the lightly snow covered look I’m doing slightly grayer tree trunks and branches, they use snow shaders in the CK to get a nice snow layer on the thicker branches. But I would also like to have that crispy frost covered trees you sometimes get during winter. I have taken photos of dead branches from different trees and painted on frost with a spiky brush in PhotoShop, but it ‘s hard to make it look natural.

Snowy treesSnowy trees

Level design and landscapes

I have started to build one of the islands larger settlements, Seysal. So far I started with the harbor, some landscape around the town and a temple on a hill north east of the harbor. I’m using custom textures of plaster and tarred wood that I made some time ago for the houses. I wanted a different type of pine along the coast, more thick and stunted in growth. Scaling down and re-textured GKBs Giant redwood and Vurts pines made a great additions.
The houses you see in the temple area are new models made by Ztree. You’ll be seeing more of them all over Hoddminir 🙂

pinesSeysal02Seysaltemple04Seysaltemple05 Seysaltemple06

New Region

I’m planning a new coastal region for the western part of the island. I would like to use a round stone landscape texture on the beach, higher up I’ll use river banks (dirt cliffs) with new textures. The vegetation would be the new coastal pines, sea buckthorn, and rowan. I’ll show more later on how this region turns out.





I have been having lots of fun making zoomable map using the the Mashupforge homepage. You just upload an image that you’d like to be your map, and then start adding your own map markers, lines and areas. This is something I wanted to do for a long time with Google maps but Mashupforge made all the tricky parts for me 🙂

Map of Seyland



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