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  1. Application: Dialogue/Writer

    Cool, thanks, appreciate any feedback. I did reduce the content by a fair bit as I thought I was going a bit overboard (pun intended) with what I was writing.
  2. Application: Dialogue/Writer

    Hi, I decided to go with the first topic, the Redguard sailor, please see the attached word doc for the dialogue. Cheers! Redguard Sailor.docx
  3. Application: Dialogue/Writer

    Yes I would be interested.
  4. Application: Dialogue/Writer

    Hi, My name is Sam Hayes, 26 yo male, and more commonly known as Brewtifull online. I would like to apply to work as a writer of dialogue, be it ambient or quest dialogue, as I believe myself qualified to do so. Up until recently I worked at Rockstar North in the dialogue team, and assisted in development of the dialogue for the recent Gunrunning update in GTA V Online. I was also working extensively on another of Rockstar's upcoming titles. In a less professional manner, and using sources that I am allowed to cite, I recently ad-libbed the dialogue with minor contextual direction for a game for a friend's university project, as well as providing the voice over. This can be seen here. Additionally I would consider myself a great lore fan of TES franchise, I am well versed in key areas of the lore, and my interest has inspired me to do voice acting for multiple Skyrim mods. Regards, Sam/Brew
  5. General Signup Thread

    Hi, I just checked out the Bruma stream video on youtube and I am very impressed with the project thus far, particularly in the voice work. If you are still after any voice acting I would be willing to help in any way I can. Its been several months since my last piece of work (please excuse the american accent, i am British) for Campfire Games' upcoming release; "War of Rights", but I have worked on a number of Skyrim mods in the past and more recently such as the Dead Deed quest mod. I did a lot of work for Giskard, however unfortunately his mods seem to have disappeared from the internet, he hosted them privately on the old Engineering Guild which now no longer exists for some reason, I do have all of the voice files saved on my drive. I have also done work for a large companion project called Dovakriid Grenzganer under the name Sam Hayes (my earliest work i think) and worked with Erebus Red for a number of characters (Khajiit and Imperial) in his quest mod Rescue Bronwen. Cheers, Brew