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  1. Favourite Music

  2. The "Lol" Thread

    Feel free to post/share something funny here!
  3. Cyrodiil Flora Ingredient Listings - [UPDATE: Working on regional and whole-province lists, sorting the assets into their individual regions] I've been working off the UESP's list of ingredients from Oblivion, which can be found here: http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Oblivion:Ingredients If an ingredient here is NOT listed, that means I haven't listed it yet! Plese be patient!!! Key Red = Unimplemented, no models or textures Gold = Partially implemented, or one asset complete but missing the other Lime Green = Implemented, but could use a variant or retex Green = Done, Fully Implemented (?) = Oblivion only had a food/ingredient for this but not the actual plant - unsure as to whether these will need trees, plants, vines, crops, etc. Regions (Multiregional flora are also labeled under "Cyrodiil", those specific to one or two regions are listed where they can be found) Cyrodiil - Crops or 'Farmed Food' Cyrodiil - Common Multiregional Flora Blackwood - Colovian Highlands - Gold Coast - Great Forest - Heartlands - Jeralls - Nibenay Basin/ Nibenay Valley - Valus Mountains - West Weald -
  4. Crusader Kings II

    I'm currently working on making a mod of my own: Avenrayne, Feudal Adventures in Brave New Lands~! Avenrayne set in a fictional world whose history runs strikingly similar to ours in some respects. This screenshot from the first Dev Diary shows the 'Rayne' region, one of the first I've managed to flesh out and finish. My first Dev Diary does a pretty good job of describing the Rayne region, so I'll leave the text here: Paradox Formums Page (Updates&Dev Diaries) https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/mod-avenrayne-feudal-adventures-in-brave-new-lands.959363/
  5. Updated the list - still a work in progress. (Updated several regional lists) Unfortunately, the Bergamot seeds appear to have not been implemented - I can send Rich the file in the morning!
  6. Chorrol Development

    I think Chorrol may have been bypassed by the Dominion, but I'm not sure... You can always ask Lasur or one of our other writer/lore people, I'm sure they'd know!
  7. [Claimed] Farrun

    It's awesome that someone's come to continue working on this tileset! Keep up the good work! Kind regards, Perry
  8. Perry's Landscaping Thread

    I've decided to start my own thread for landscaping, so here goes:
  9. Perry's Landscaping Thread

    *Thread Necromancy!* Hello again! I've been working on the -8,32 and 16,32 claims (Oak Forest, Hinterlands, Highlands)... so without further ado, have a look! So... What does everyone think?
  10. West Weald and Elsweyr development

    My fault, that's not intended to stay (meaning - if you come across it, please delete it if you come across it) EDIT: Didn't read this far when I replied, Wellpapp beat me to it
  11. Project ROCK

    If you want to see a more entertaining angle, you have to be in the IB skype chat Awesome! Almost reminds me of a sort of weathered fist, striking upwards
  12. Chorrol Development

    To fit an extra district on the west side, though, we'd have to make the city itself denser due to the river being very close and pretty steep on that side - would it be possible to instead move the extra area to the north-northwest (outside the north gate, where the riverbank is less steep), something like this?
  13. Happy birthday, Lasur!

    Happy birthday!
  14. Hammerfell crests & map markers

    Simply amazing! Great work!
  15. Favourite Music

    Nordisk sang? (I like this one... this is by a Norwegian band, the lyrics are in Old Norse) This next one is by Estampie, a band from Germany. BELLA CANZONE! <3 (I think this one is awesome, the lyrics are from a '60s song of the same name.)
  16. Thanking Xae For All Of His Hard Work

    Thanks, Xae! For everything. The new site looks great!
  17. Happy birthday, Smalish! I hope you have a great day, and I'd like to say that your artwork is great!
  18. Farewell to Eldarie

    Eldarie, Not only did you help to found the project, but you've remained an integral part of the project since day one. You've helped me and many others band together, and form this wonderful team we have today. I wish you viel glück on your next endeavor! And... thank you for everything you've done here. Kind regards, Perry
  19. Stavaas' random props

    Your scene is lovely! <3 Great work!
  20. Happy Birthday Perry!

    Thanks, everyone! I hope this year goes well - not just for me, but for all of us.
  21. Happy Birthday Perry

    Thank you very, very much, everyone!