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  1. Where can I help?

    Hello timlza, being familiar with the Elder Scrolls universe is always a big plus. I will second Rasilon's questions of where do your interests lie and how much do you know your way around the Creation Kit? One way you could help is with quest implementation and scripting, but there are other tasks such as navmeshing, optimization, setting up encounters, loot, spell effects... the list goes on.
  2. Application, Justin D: Level Designer/ scripting

    Thanks for your interest, Justin.D. In regards to level design, do you have any examples of your work you could show us? How much experience do you have with the Creation Kit? If none, you would be required to learn the technical side of level design and/or quest implementation.
  3. Recruitment: Writing/ Voice Acting- Skeletal

    Greetings Skeletal. Thanks for your ideas. Generally it is quite unlikely for ideas to be compatible or consistent with the setting we've already established, but sometimes new members have been able to surprise us with material usable from the get-go. One of the first things we do is introduce new writers to lore primers so that they can get an idea of the setting and work from there. It is a requirement for anyone interested in doing writing for the project. We do not plan for Atmorans to have survived, as it is too unlikely and we have gone in a completely different direction with the setting anyways. 4000 years separate current day from the purported end of Atmora's history, and the continent is truly a frozen deadland anyways. As such, I'd like you to submit something by choosing one of the options below: 1. A ghost has managed to break free from enslavement, either because of strong emotions or because the ghost was very powerful once alive. However, the ghost cannot move much from its current position, else it will dissipate, so the player will have to finish its unfinished business in its stead. You are to come up with the ghost's dialogue where its unfinished business is described, with the premise that it will be the basis of the quest. 2. Glimpses of the past can be experienced by the player during exploration. These are scenes that show past happenings. The participants are not to be confused with ghosts. You are to come up with such a glimpse of the past that will prompt the player to investigate something. 3. Atmora is a continent other than the Arena, and its civilization existed before the Dragonfires/Amulet of Kings came in effect. For this reason, it is not far fetched that Daedra had an easier time accessing the mortal plane from here. You are to soundly justify the presence of one of the Daedric Princes there and explain your reasoning for such justification. 4. One of Atmora's focuses is historical discovery. You are to write a lore book about a person, item or faction of your choosing, be it a cult, clan, household etc. Their way of life, their beliefs, what their role is in the society, how they originated etc. 5. The player can come across the remains of failed expeditions. You are to write the journal of one of the people that perished. Good luck! As for voice acting, could you show us an example?
  4. Recruitment - CsubiLev

    Hello CSubiLev, could you show us some of your art? As for your ideas, they're welcome, but around 4000 years separate current times from the end of Atmora's history as we know it. It is highly doubtful that they could have survived for so long in such a harsh environment, and we wish to depict Atmora as a frozen deathland anyways. You might be happy to know that something else might have survived there all that time though.
  5. Recruitment - Peekay1982

    You make very good points about making societies and myths somewhat similar to real world counterparts! Anyways, if an European feel is what you find most appealing, then I retract my statement that Atmora may be a good fit for you, as it is its own very special snowflake kind of thing... I guess Cyrodiil, High Rock or Roscrea would be the better fit instead.
  6. Recruitment - Peekay1982

    Greetings Peekay1982! Are you interested in any province in particular? I can't speak for other provinces but judging by what you wrote about yourself, maybe Atmora's a good fit for you? Its focuses are survival, historical discovery and a story driven questline. You made a good observation that Skyrim's NPCs very often lack depth, so you might be happy to know we have a very low number of characters due to the unconventional setting, and that in turn this means we've had many more liberties to really flesh each one out. Interactable NPCs in Atmora are also very few and far between, but they must be interesting to make up for that. As a history teacher, you might also be interested to know we aim to cover as many aspects of the lost civilization as we can, and took inspiration from realistic historical models such as bronze age vikings and the haudenosaunee, among others.
  7. Recruitment - Shyrrik

    Greetings shyrrik! Thanks for your interest in the project. It would be great if you could show us some of your art. Also, 3d artists are always in high demand, so improving on that front would be a surefire way to become a valuable contributor. If you are interested in improving your modeling skills, there is a Discord server dedicated to that, although you will still be required to invest time and effort of your own even with the aid provided.
  8. Recruitment - RossBlack51

    Greetings RossBlack51, thank you for your interest in the project. It's commendable that you had the willingness to learn how to work with the gamebryo formats. I can say an environmental 3d artist would be very valuable to the Atmora province, but seeing as you've talked solely about Cyrodiil, are you sure you posted your application in the right forums? If your interest in the Atmora project is genuine, I would be happy to discuss things with you on our Discord server.
  9. Status Quo

    We do, there are never enough writers! Having said that, there are standards and requirements to meet. Are you already a member of BS? Can you show something you wrote? What we look for in a writer is of course first and foremost writing skills, but they must be able to make their writing conform to how the game works, which is often not easy. Writing skills can always improve, so this is a soft requirement. As Hannes would say, if you show potential and are eager to contribute, then even if your writing skills are not that good, you may end up doing better than a very good writer, over time! Knowledge of the lore is also very welcome, and of course cooperativeness, as I think it's fair to say no province likes writers that stubbornly cling to their own ideas and work "for themselves" rather than based on our needs.
  10. Application: Story/Quests/Dialogue writer

    Greetings Emile! First of all, thanks for your interest in the project. I've read your side quest and I must say I'm impressed. As far as I've been able to see, it's not usual for the writing in applications to account for player-facing texts and other details that an implementer would be very happy to work with. The importance of such details can't be underestimated, so it's a definite plus in my eyes and it shows you have at least a basic grasp of how the material must be written in accordance to the game's structure. Also it's a plus that you worked with google docs, since that's what we also use. The writing itself is also good, although you will learn it's not really that compatible with the setting we've already established. All provinces have to write a lot of "internal" lore, but Atmora probably to the bigger extents, given very little is mentioned in the games, and an entire civilization has to be represented... So there is a lot to absorb before a new writer like you can contribute, but I'm sure if you're eager and have a cooperative disposition then you will do amazingly in no time. This is assuming Atmora is the province you'd like to contribute to the most, of course. If so, I'd be happy to send you an invitation to our discord server, where all communication happens on a daily basis.
  11. Quest and story writing application. Evan G.

    Hello Evan, I'm from the Atmora project. It's interesting that you say you're well versed in the lore of Atmora, since we've been given very little of it from the ES games! As you might imagine, there's a lot to cover about a lost civilization. There are many jobs a skilled writer can do. If you're interested, we could continue this talk on discord where I can also invite you to our development server.
  12. Voice Actor Application By General Orrick (Niko)

    Greetings GeneralOrrick, first of all, nice application and voice skills! While neither Orsimer nor Dunmer lived in Atmora, we do as a matter of fact have both among our expedition members. I think you would find them interesting. We have a dragon as well, serving as the main antagonist. Your voice could also lend itself well to certain undead, which come aplenty in the dead, icy northern continent. While voice acting itself is still quite in the distance for us, If all this still sounds great to you, I could contact you on Discord next and have you join the project's server
  13. Application: Scripter

    Hello Daniel, if it's true that you're familiar with the Creation Kit and Papyrus, then you'd be welcome to join the Atmora project. We're at the stage where we can begin implementing quests and a helping hand in that regard would be very appreciated.
  14. 3D assets maker

    Hi Katurix, thanks for being interested in the Atmora project, those battlements are quite impressive! Do you prefer to work on architecture? If so, we can discuss on the more fitting ways you could contribute to the project on slack or discord. There is plenty of official concept art of ancient Nord structures that would fit extremely well in Atmora. Either way, the project would benefit a lot from a skilled 3d artist such as yourself, and you'd have a lot of choice on what to work on. Please send your email to either me or Hannes821 and we can discuss things in the appropriate place.
  15. Oh my, your art is awesome. From what you've said, there's no doubt Atmora and Roscrea would also align well with your preferences. I can't speak on behalf of Roscrea, but for Atmora, you should know that the civilization is significantly inspired from ancient scandinavians/vikings, in certain few aspects even Mayans/Aztecs, Greeks and Egyptians. Additionally, it has deep ties with the elements of nature, gods are represented as animal totems after all. Indeed, you'd be able to design faction banners with that beautiful Norse knotwork, as well as shrines, totems, statues and all manners of primitive clutter items such as vases, urns, handicrafts and tools. If you're interested, feel free to PM me, either way I'm sure one of the BS provinces would have a lot of use out of you.