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  1. Anathem7x added a post in a topic Quest and story writing application. Evan G.   

    Hello Evan, I'm from the Atmora project. It's interesting that you say you're well versed in the lore of Atmora, since we've been given very little of it from the ES games! As you might imagine, there's a lot to cover about a lost civilization.
    There are many jobs a skilled writer can do. If you're interested, we could continue this talk on discord where I can also invite you to our development server.
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  2. Anathem7x added a post in a topic Voice Actor Application By General Orrick (Niko)   

    Greetings GeneralOrrick, first of all, nice application and voice skills!
    While neither Orsimer nor Dunmer lived in Atmora, we do as a matter of fact have both among our expedition members. I think you would find them interesting.
    We have a dragon as well, serving as the main antagonist. Your voice could also lend itself well to certain undead, which come aplenty in the dead, icy northern continent.
    While voice acting itself is still quite in the distance for us, If all this still sounds great to you, I could contact you on Discord next and have you join the project's server
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  3. Anathem7x added a post in a topic Application: Scripter   

    Hello Daniel, if it's true that you're familiar with the Creation Kit and Papyrus, then you'd be welcome to join the Atmora project. We're at the stage where we can begin implementing quests and a helping hand in that regard would be very appreciated.
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  4. Anathem7x added a post in a topic 3D assets maker   

    Hi Katurix, thanks for being interested in the Atmora project, those battlements are quite impressive!

    Do you prefer to work on architecture?
    If so, we can discuss on the more fitting ways you could contribute to the project on slack or discord. There is plenty of official concept art of ancient Nord structures that would fit extremely well in Atmora.
    Either way, the project would benefit a lot from a skilled 3d artist such as yourself, and you'd have a lot of choice on what to work on.  Please send your email to either me or Hannes821 and we can discuss things in the appropriate place.
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  5. Anathem7x added a post in a topic Illustrator/concept artist looking for position   

    Oh my,  your art is awesome.
    From what you've said, there's no doubt Atmora and Roscrea would also align well with your preferences.

    I can't speak on behalf of Roscrea, but for Atmora, you should know that the civilization is significantly inspired from ancient scandinavians/vikings, in certain few aspects even Mayans/Aztecs, Greeks and Egyptians.
    Additionally, it has deep ties with the elements of nature, gods are represented as animal totems after all.
    Indeed, you'd be able to design faction banners with that beautiful Norse knotwork, as well as shrines, totems, statues and all manners of primitive clutter items such as vases, urns, handicrafts and tools.

    If you're interested, feel free to PM me, either way I'm sure one of the BS provinces would have a lot of use out of you.
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  6. Anathem7x added a post in a topic Show us what you're working on!   

    Holy hell. The day I see an Atlantis-inspired underwater Dreugh empire of epic proportions filled with these, I can die a happy death. Like really.
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  7. Anathem7x added a post in a topic Atmoran Monoliths   

    I'm awestruck. These monoliths look fantastic!
    Nice idea,  the one of altars to the old gods in humanoid form. As long as you keep them small and compact just like Skyrim's ones it's okay, nothing like huge statues though. Those, at least for Kyne(hawk) and Shor(fox), we already have models for, with more being a possibility in the future assuming the artist is still working on them, as he had no problem basing them on the official concept art.

    So if you need reference images for each one of them, look no further:
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  8. Anathem7x added a post in a topic Andoran:Prologue development roadmap, need a competent opinion   

    Got it. I would be very happy to help out on the level design side of things, sadly already being part of two projects makes this impossible...
    I'm still very interested in the Andoran project though, and as such I would not mind giving feedback in my spare time as you guys move forward and add more content.
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  9. Anathem7x added a post in a topic Andoran:Prologue development roadmap, need a competent opinion   

    -What have you understood about your arrival to the archipelago?
    I've understood that getting to Andoran in one piece is no easy task.  The mention of storms and daedra was interesting, almost as if even natural occurrences on these islands are heavily affected by them. It made me think there must be more behind that and that it would be interesting to know what exactly.
    From the dialogue I also got the impression things seemed very dangerous almost everywhere on the island, what with vampires, daedra and wolves. I wanted to know more in regards to why things are so dangerous.
    -What have you understood about Storpott and Steinmoor? Can you describe and speculate on what is happening in those villages. What do you think of other villages - Vanhan, Grunflekk, Smestrand, Bukkehorn?
    My memory has failed me, so I'm unable to answer this question in a satisfactory manner...
    -Have you used the boat service to travel to Storpott? What locations caught your eye on the way there?
    Yes I did. The boat was quite fast and being able to see the NPC behind doing nothing was a little immersion breaking. Disable player controls?
    Wasnt able to see much as LOD didnt seem to have been generated. Maybe it's the issue is on my end though...
    -Are the dialogue branches too long/short/blunt/concise/chatty? What kind of dialogue you've expected from them?
    The dialogue was great, however would people really give out that much information to a stranger? I highly doubt that. It's already enough that the player isn't met with outright hostility.
    For this reason, an introductory quest to gain their trust would seem like a nice idea...More on that below.
    -What else you would want done with the starting location? Quests/enemies/more dialogue/other?
    A quest to salvage stuff from the ship the player was on. An introductory quest to gain their trust, and information with it.
    So this is how I would suggest it to go: place a very valuable item in the starting ship. Give the player a chance to obtain it regardless of the quest (lockpicks, whatever).
    One of the NPCs stands guard on the ship/cliff/whatever. When the player approaches the NPC, he is met with hostility. An interrogation? If the player refuses, combat commences. If the player accepts, the valuable item is found. The player can try to negotiate the item for his freedom and some information, depending on how he responds.
    If the player approaches the NPC without carriying the valuable item, he is still going to be interrogated, but as he is found carrying nothing of value, he is spared on the condition that he goes back to salvage the ship. Once he does so and comes back, he will gain their trust and unlock the most information.
    Also, what about the Argonian who left the note? Why not have him meet a harsher fate? What if he became a captive of these dudes and you'd have the option of freeing him (with all kinds of potential ramifications) or take revenge for being abandoned by letting him rot...
    What do you think?

    Aside from that, as a level designer I can't help but give feedback on that side of things:
    A slight overhaul would go a long way to really strike the idea of a ship cemetery and the overall situation better. Fog/mist fx, more and better placed shipwrecks, very hostile weather (such as a thunderstorm) could all contribute to supporting what's been said in the dialogues/notes. Visual feedback is important; the dialogue is great but not enough on its own.
    -What would you do first upon arriving to the island?
    I was honestly a little lost, or rather, confused, because of the placement of that ship with people in. It just seemed odd, the ship could be placed perched up on the cliff and the Rule of Cool would be enough justification for that. Anything to strike the player, as first impressions are very important. A height advantage would be useful to spot ships anyways.
    -How do you see your walkthrough of Colderan? What will you be doing? Completing the main questline? Exploring dungeons? Doing sidequests? Gaining levels? Crafting? Staring at the large tower in the centre of the island? Other stuff?
    I would want to know more about...everything! And then act based upon that. Yeah I would likely also stare at the large tower since it's so awesome.
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  10. Anathem7x added a post in a topic Writer looking to contribute!   

    Hello TheGreatSeer, I'm one of the leads of the "Expedition to Atmora" mod project. Glad you took interest in Atmora.
    While the main quest has already been rewritten, not everything is set in stone yet. There's still a lot of room for improvements and additions...
    Same goes for texts of any sorts, detailing the happenings of the past, hinting at different aspects of the lost civilization. Discovery is a big part of Atmora and so good stories and writing play an important role in that. A lot of freedom is there considering very little of Atmora has been touched upon.
    Also, when texts are not the best medium of narrative, we take the effort to design side quests and some of them include dialogues, so all in all, you'd have a lot to choose from!

    First and foremost though, you should try to understand what you're getting into: Atmora is not like the other provinces, it is a time-frozen land, full of undead creatures and supernatural aspects shrouded in mystery. The focus is on survival and exploration.
    If this is what catches your fancy, then you'd be very welcome. Else I'm sure Elsweyr and its warm sands would make much better use of you.
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  11. Anathem7x added a post in a topic Bear Cult Idea Thread   

    That's kinda...wishful thinking, considering the timeline spans a few millennia.
    Sure, if a tradition has been estabilished it can go that way, if you disregard...everything else. But then human ego is going to get in the way of that, especially in the kind of complex setting that existed in Atmora.
    So yes, the Whale at its roots might share similarities, parallels, even interchangeability of values and customs with the Bear cult, but then due to external and internal factors a divergence was bound to happen.

    In the context of Jylkurfyk, the Randr clan could easily represent the Whale (in its own specific way) and show this divergence:
    - the temple of the Whale on one side, spiritual, respecting and honoring its traditions and roots tied to the Bear cult (with their own thematic take of these shared values);
    - the Randr clan on the other side, disregarding oral tradition with regularity in the pursuit of more wordly matters, getting tangled in disputes with the other local powerhouse (clan Yorkin) and ultimately falling prey of the rising Dragon Cult, weakening the Whale temple in the process and spelling the doom of the Whale as a whole.

    As a nice plus, going with this "divergence" concept also aligns decently with the way Roscrea seems to have designed their interactions Bear-Whale, which appear to be very negative. 
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  12. Anathem7x added a post in a topic Bear Cult Idea Thread   

    Seems very interesting! I loved the unique structures you built from scratch in your testroom, and if it wasn't for the fact I don't want to take away even a sliver of your time, I would request you to do more of these buildings to be used widely.
    As for the dialogue part, if your only worry is not having the required skills to either write or implement it, then there really isn't a problem, because I can help you. Same thing for any quest-related scripting advice. Even though my understanding is only basic, I will be available to offer assistance

    I'd like to add to what I've written above about the Bear cult :
    due to the fact the Whale and Bear cult represent Stuhn and Tsun respectively, and that these two are twin brother gods with similar roles, the two cults might have had close ties in a few circumstances.
    Of course mortals are flawed and subject to greed and violence and so it is a rare occurrence. But it's still a possibility worth considering.
    Close ties can possibly mean the sharing of values, to the point where each cult could have had an influence on one another's values, beliefs and practices.  This might not be applicable in your context, since there's no Whale cult/clan in your region, but in the main settlement of Jylkurfyk, one of the temples is owned by the Bear cult and one of the clans is a seafaring one (=tied to the Whale).
    I'm just mentioning it before any issues might arise and to get your opinion on this.
    For this reason, backgrounds are not set in stone and if you wish for the Bear Cult to be exclusive of your region, the temple in Jylkurfyk can be tied to another cult instead of the Bear. Only minor adjustments would be required.
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  13. Anathem7x added a post in a topic Bear Cult Idea Thread   

    From vykaz:
    Bear Challenges Workflow

    5 Locations:
    First Monk Monastery Ruins
    Allfather's Seedling
    Fisherman's Pond
    Mount Himinbforg Peak
    Hammerfall Hill?

    5 Challenges:
    Meditation (Allfather's Seedling)
    Diving (Fisherman's Pond)
    Carrying (5th location...)
    Crafting (Monastery Ruins)
    Sacrificing Totem + Fist Fighting (Mountainpeak)

    The Challenges represent the inititation of the Bear Cult's legendary Warrior monks. The player has to fulfill all five challenges to complete the questline. He will be guided by letters telling him what he has to do while also informing about the historical background. These letters are written by the „Eremite“, who is watching the player from afar. At the end of the questline will be revealed, that the Eremite is the physical embodiment of the bear god, heavily weakend because no one is worshipping him anymore. The player should have the choice to either kill or help him after the challenges are fulfilled. (to Help: Anathem mentioned something of a bear statue in a temple...)
    The Eremite's death would mean the rise of a new deity, somewhere in some form (there are only a fixed amount of gods allowed by the creator, the allfather).

    The Questline begins after finding the first letter on Hammerfall Hill („I see you, wanderer“).
    → possible description: Find out who left you the mysterious note
    Footsteps in the snow shall guide the player to a neraby temple ruin. Player has to fight his way through. Exit above Hammerfall valley. There he finds the second note, telling him about the first challenge. He has to carry a heavy object (maybe a hammer?) to the Monastery of the First Monks and place it on the pillar's altar (overencumbered). (7 Minutes Walk => too deadly with frostfall?)

    After every completed challenge, the sound of a roaring bear echoing in the mountains should be heard (similar to the greybeard's call).

    Arriving at the Monastery he will find the third note, telling about the first bear monks and their settlement. The second challenge is about crafting a totem on a unique shrine in the monastery (unique shrine required, totem required, recipe required). This totem will be sacrificed in the last challenge on Mount Himinbforg. One ingredient for the totem will be found through the next challenge at Fisherman's pond.

    This challenges will be rather simple and short, but just as deadly if the player has frostfall installed. He has to dive to the ground of the Fisherman's pond to retrieve an item (yet unknown) he needs to craft the totem. He will also find a note telling him what to do and where to go next (Allfather's Seedling).

    The third challenge is about meditation. The player has to sit down on a marked place to perform the ritual. After a certain amount of time (30 sec?) animals will appear. First non-hostiles, then hostiles which will soon attack the player. Just before they can reach and harm the player, they should disappear though (hearing a fitting shout from afar maybe?). The last stance of meditation will be an enemy (draugr archers? Dragonpriest? Ghosts? A bear?) who actually hurts the player. If the player decides not to move until his healthbar is empty (=dead) the challenge is completed. If he breaks the meditation (should be that sitting/praying animation) only once in this time, he fails the challenge and has to begin again. After „dying“ in meditation the player should wake up again (below the tree? Hammerfall hill? Bear temple in hammerfall valley? Monastery (where the crafting challenge has to be fulfilled as the next step)? Or maybe in eremite's cave => first encounter?)

    Fourth challenge is to return to the Monastery to complete the crafting challenge. After success the player begins his journey on top of Mount Himinbforg for the final challenge and his sacrifice. The last note tells the player about the upcoming ritual and promises the player that the Eremite will reveal himself upon successfully performing the ritual.

    The fifth challenge is located on Mount Himinbforg Peak. In the circle of stones he has to perform a sacrifice (the totem gets desytroyed (really destroyed?)) so he can summon a spirit. This spirit has to get overwhelmed, using only fists and voice. (The Eremite might appear to watch the fight, just to disappear again, as soon as it's over)
    As soon as the player won, he completed the questline, now being in the ranks of the Warrior Monks of the Bear Cult. You will the roaring sound of a bear one last time, then the Eremite will reveal himself by lighting up some magical light (or probably just a questmarker due to engine limitations). This will direct the player to the Eremite's cave, where the next Quest begins. This is about helping or letting die an ancient God of Men.

    The Eremite doesn't talk, the only way of communication will be a journal he hands over the player.
    He is very weak and bound to his flesh avatar, still he cannot be killed by weapons nor magic, being a god.
    From me:
    Great job in designing these challenges! On a first look, these challenges might seem a bit far from the sacred traditions that would characterize a Cult, more like chores, because the actual background behind this has not been touched on very much. Here is my effort at fixing this:

    In my opinion each challenge should reflect the "pillars" that form the values and beliefs that the Cult is meant to represent.

    Hints regarding these values can be taken from the meager information regarding the Bear Totem and the god it represents, the rest is up to us and the lore community. Which means freedom, as there are no pre-existing concepts from canon lore we are forced to abide to. So far so good.

    It's also important to point out that mortal interpretation (or misinterpretation) of what each god represents (or in the case of Atmorans, what each animal or element of nature represents) is one of the main themes that permeate all Elder Scrolls cultures/races. Indeed, one could say the Aldmer are so hell-bent on perfection (=humans are imperfect, let's use Alduin to reset the current Kalpa and wipe them!) because they misunderstood/misinterpreted what their own chief god, Auriel, has told them in its departure.

    In the same way, each culture/race worships their own take of the same god, as an example the Bretons worship not only a nord god, but also elf and imperial gods. Just like Akatosh is the dragon god of time for the Imperials, Auriel is the same for the Aldmer, and Alduin is the same for the Nords. They are both the same entity and a separate entity at the same time.
    In the case of Yokudans (Redguards), one could even think it is the belief that shapes the god itself.

    By saying this, I am trying to inform you of all the precedents that show to which extent the lore likes to play with this overarching concept of religion.

    So to get back on the main topic: the canon values the Bear totem represents are: taking prisoners, ransom. That's it. That's what we have and it is very little...

    Due to mortal interpretation, it is my opinion this can be safely extended to "value in taking prisoners and spoils of war".
    It is still very reductive though. Why not (due to the aforementioned freedom) extend this further?
    Here's one way to extend this, and at the same time, expand on the background of the Cult and do some worldbuilding (very important) that can be reflected in actual texts and the narration provided by your NPC:

    It's safe to think Atmorans were a warring civilization, quite chaotic and hence hard to rule. This is reflected by the fact it seems only one person (High King Harald) ever managed to unite it all, and for only a brief time.
    It seems to me that such circumstances would call for some order. In its own roots, the Bear Cult could have grown to become a moral compass of sorts, although primitive, teaching how to behave morally in the context of war.

    This would mostly have been done through oral tradition, as a written language was introduced only later by Ysgramor, who took it from the Altmer.
    So initially, these values that were taught would not have a way to reach every lay person in Atmora, meaning the Cult would still lack a way to gain influence and recognition.

    That is where military might comes into play (the Roscrea project seems to also favor the concept of military might, by the way!). Basically, any clan in a primitive society where it's easy for "might to make right" could flex its muscles and gain influence through war. Nothing special, that would be extremely commonplace.

    So the Bear Cult, to be sacred like all other Cults, would need to stand out in some other way, for example by religiously embracing the aforementioned moral values in its military efforts.

    My take would be that in the Atmoran society, to kill morally would be to kill elves. That is what the twin brother god did, which the Bear totem represents: shield-thane to Shor, he fought against the Altmer gods in the Dawn Era.
    His twin brother, represented by the Whale, sacrificed himself during that time. Maybe one could see these two twin brother gods as Sword and Shield.
    So it seems quite fitting that the Bear Cult would advocate to abstain from killing fellow humans (thus keeping order) and instead kill elves.

    Of course, like all factions based on military might, the Cult would also see its members under a harsh training regimen of mind and body, similar to Tibetan Monks perhaps, and that is how, in my opinion, the Bear Cult's background can be wrapped up.

    In short, these are the "pillars" of the Bear Cult:

    1)military might supported by their religious beliefs to gain and maintain their influence as a sacred Cult (a straightforward fight against a powerful elf. There can be a cave or a building with a millenial stone in which are socketed countless black soul gems. These soul gems hold the souls of powerful warrior elves to be summoned for the purpose of this challenge. The player would have to socket one of these gems in the Totem he needs to craft, and later smash it all to summon this powerful elf).

    2)teaching and upholding morality based on the god they represent (a dialogue based challenge that tests whether or not the player's morals are aligned and compatible with the Cult)

    3)strict lifelong training of mind and body to craft the ultimate warrior-monk in the image of their elf-slaying god (your challenges cover this perfectly)
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  14. Anathem7x added a post in a topic Scrolls Retexture Concept   

    No, since the CK doesn't accept custom fonts such as Elder Futhark or Dovazhul, meaning we'd have to insert images in the note that display the text, definitely doable but it depends on capacity
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  15. Anathem7x added a post in a topic Scrolls Retexture Concept   

    It's true that the writings being displayed on the outside of the scrolls are odd. However it is kind of necessary due to the way they're planned to function.
    These are misc items and once used, a messagebox will pop up, displaying the translation, just like Beth has done for the High Hrotgar shrines among other things.
    The alternative would be to make loads of new  textures both for the texts in their native language and their translations, and since we plan to add many texts, this is potentially a lot of work...
    It also needs to be said that the player gains the ability to understand Atmoran language as part of the MQ, a sort of god-given intuitive ability rather than the "scholarly paper translation" one might more easily think of.
    As such, on-paper translations really aren't the way to go (there's another expedition character that is responsible for that in certain specific situations).
    TL;DR: unlike books, these scrolls would not open resulting in the Atmoran text inside never being visible, which is a major downer, so for now, the text visible on the outside seems like an acceptable compromise, right?
    Obviously models of opened scrolls and stone tablets could be made as an alternative, that would be a nice solution and add some diversity, we'll see what can be done.
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