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  1. You are the one from my dreams

  2. Happy New Year everyone!

  3. Bruma gameplay stream starting soon! https://www.twitch.tv/nafnaf_95 Come join us!

  4. We would like to invite everyone to join us for a special Bruma live stream tomorrow at 7:30PM GMT. We'd love to have you all there with us! https://www.twitch.tv/nafnaf_95. A special announcement video has also been uploaded to the Beyond Skyrim Youtube channel, so check that out!

    Papa bless

  5. Congratulations to Galandil for getting featured on PC gamer!

    1. Galandil


      Thank you :) 

    2. Escha


      This just came up on my google feed, and it took a second to click, that it was that Galandil from DC. Congrats!

  6. Reminder that we're doing a Cyrodiil Q&A and some landscaping on Nafnafs twitch stream in just under an hour, be sure to be there! http://www.twitch.tv/nafnaf_95

  7. Hey look! I'm at the top of the status updates!

  8. I'm through talking to you!

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    2. Markus Liberty

      Markus Liberty

      You need to play more Oblivion, Viltuska:P

    3. viltuska


      By the divines, you're right. I feel like criminal scum for missing that one. Then again, I hope all differences in the world could solved by spinning the persuasion wheel.

    4. Joseph Crowell

      Joseph Crowell

      All the world's problems can be solved by a sweet roll.

  9. Red is streaming concept artwork! http://original.livestream.com/redaar

    1. sweetroll


      I look forward to watching that. :D Red was referred to as "he" on our fb though (she is female)

  10. The heat is killing me, I could need a windmill right now..

    1. 1shoedpunk



  11. That feeling when you follow a tutorial and the final result looks way worse than that of the tutor.
    1. Escha


      Sounds like a bad tutorial ;)

    2. Loopy_Cecil


      Well, don't feel too bad.  Knitting isn't for everyone.  Did you drop a stitch and end up with a pair of woolly underpants with three leg holes...?

  12. Summer break, finally! Three months of free time, better use it well.

  13. They say that when you murder someone, the windmill comes to you in your sleep.

  14. It is with great sadness that I announce the departure of the Windmill of Doom, you will be missed, Just not very often.

  15. One.. more... week...... ....          .

  16. There has never been a turtle on the North Pole.

    1. Amadaun



      *adds to bucket list*

  17. I really recommend buying a game controller for PC, as much as I love the keyboard, some games just feels better with a controller, such as Skyrim. The camera and everything is so much smoother.

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    2. Markus Liberty
    3. Spectral Dragon

      Spectral Dragon

      Not a problem Markus :)

    4. Joseph Crowell

      Joseph Crowell

      Yeah I use a controller for Mortal Kombat games. The carpal tunnel would be so painful otherwise.

  18. Will be experimenting with some Forge backgrounds, gotta make the place look nice and trendy.

  19. I like the new forum, although the background image makes it somewhat difficult to read posts. Anyway, thank you very much Xea, the site is amazing as always.

    1. Spectral Dragon

      Spectral Dragon

      Did you know that you can change the background on any project you are lead of? For example you can change it in the Atranoch Forge.

    2. Markus Liberty

      Markus Liberty

      Oh yeah, I heard about that, definitely going to test it out!

    3. Alois


      Yea, I am not a fan of the background either. It is rather distracting :/

  20. Why isn't the DC store selling Daniel Ran T-Shirts anymore?

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    2. Matth85
    3. TranscendentMoose
    4. Jemolk


      *Looks at the massive stack of Daniel Ran T-Shirts just behind the chair* Xae, I'll make you an offer...

  21. It's actually pretty fun working with glow maps, it just takes so much time drawing them.

  22. Well, there disappeared the only opportunity I had to truly sustain this hobby at it's current intensity, I'm pretty disappointed, and I'm seriously considering leaving modding, they really screwed us over on this.

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    2. Argor nash35

      Argor nash35

      Whatever you do, at least wait until the Bruma release.

    3. RHodeidra
    4. Markus Liberty

      Markus Liberty

      Just means I have to take a job next to my studies, I was hoping I could make a small living out of the workshop, so I'm really disappointed

  23. Pirating paid mods in protest gotta be the most disgusting thing I've seen today, was the modding community always this bad?

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    2. RHodeidra


      There's nothing good out or worthy of pirating.

    3. Cider


      Still, it's a pretty terrible thing to do. Doesn't matter if there is anything good or worthy to pirate.

    4. Spectral Dragon

      Spectral Dragon

      I hate to be blunt but it's not the modding community that is the problem: it's the mod users that are entitled little......