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  1. Application - Landscaper/Exterior Level Designer

    Hello, I'm the department director for High Rock Over at Iliac bay. Your work looks good, I sent you a PM.
  2. Application - Level Designer

    Your application was accepted, I sent you a PM on how to reach us.
  3. Application for Composer

    We think your work would fit nicely in Iliac Bay, I sent you a PM.
  4. Application - Level Designer (Interior/Exterior)

    Messing around in the Creation Kit happens to be our profession, welcome to the team!
  5. Jehanna Essential Assets List

    There was no mistake, it's a document on our drive intended for internal development. As the name specifies it's an asset list so it wouldn't be a very captivating read anyways.
  6. Jehanna Essential Assets List

  7. Dragonlord Catacombs

    Currently a work in progress on a royal/noble breton cypt between Daggerfall and Glenpoint.
  8. [High Rock] Master Dungeon Claims List

    This is the current list of all dungeons in High Rock, including their progress and availability. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1z_oi66iU_jDLWFpciNSHWJPxwxkEjhvPCPi8Uo1lBuA/edit?usp=sharing Edit: The list is no longer up to date, please refer to the Dungeons Trello for the most recent information.
  9. Exterior design with (historic) land use awareness

    That's an idea we had for Ykalon forest , which is supposed to have magical properties, in the sense that its trees grow very fast. The village Ykalon is renowned for their staves, which they make from Rowan and Oak trees. There's also the Daenians, who have a large wood supply because of their surroundings. The idea would be that they'd cut the trees, which would then rapidly grow back in the manner your reference here shows. We don't have the models for those trees but I might be able to conjure some with kitbash magic. The coal production idea is pretty cool too, I'll hold on to that, thanks
  10. Ykalon Forest

    WIP screenshots of Ykalon forest, a large overgrown area in High Rock. Palette: BSKLEGrass31BSKLEGrass28BSKLERock30aBSIBYkalonSummerForestGrass01BSIBYkalonSummerForestGrassBluebells01LDirt02Trees: BskOakTree 03-10HRGreenTree Other flora: BSKSalixShrub 01-04MushRoom_Rock30BSKNetlesBSKCyrodillBush02NorVinesFloor01DA13VinesFauna: Werewolf (rare)SprigganFoxWolfRabbitDeerNotable locations: YkalonDaeniaGreat Wyrd TreeCastle NecromoghanCryngaine FieldMines of KhurasMoongard(?)Lluwych(?)GreengateWoodsong TempleBreningard Mine (partially)
  11. Exterior design with (historic) land use awareness

    Hi there, A lack of farmland and other resource infrastructure is indeed a common theme in RPGs, with some notable exceptions such as The Witcher 3. While High Rock does feature these, it’s difficult to implement them in the way you propose here. The reasons for this are twofold; first there’s the space problem. High rock is quite narrow compared to Skyrim and is densely populated. That leaves us with little space in between to use for quests, points of interest and whatnot. Second there are several forests located in High Rock, such as Ykalon forest or Skeffington woods. These also take up large parts of the region, again limiting available space. We’re scaling the farms and resource infrastructure according to gameplay perspectives and the space we have to work with. That’s not to say we don’t pay attention to these things. I can off the top of my head confirm orchards, vineyards, wheat farms, windmills and a quarry. High rock is known for its amazing chefs and wine, and that should be noticeable when one explores the province. Hope that helped
  12. Application: Writer and other

    Hi, could you include include some examples so we can see what your work is like? Thanks in advance and good luck!
  13. Status

    Hi, Although we haven't announced anything official regarding this topic I can confirm that we are planning something that will include content from both provinces . Hope that helps to somewhat satiate your curiosity
  14. Writer and/or Editor for Iliac Bay and/or Cyrodiil

    Could you include/refer to some of your work? I'm sure a lead will get in touch with you soon. Good luck!