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  1. theblackpixel added a post in a topic New Recruitment Thread   

    Hello there. Your work sounds pretty cool. I'm sure a lead will get in touch with you soon
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  2. theblackpixel added a post in a topic Nothollom WIP   

    I liked the ones where you just placed the banners on the first and fourth screenshot. The idea of using bones as the material for the base construction was pretty ingenious though, I'd keep that in. I would replace the roof textures though, I don't see the giant using shingles. As for new architecture I'd suggest trying to make some structures with boulders and using the whalebones you showed in your screenshot for decoration and finishing. If you get creative with that you could make some great new architecture on huge a scale without having to create any new models.  I can't really tell, but it also seems like you have snow on the buildings., which seems a bit odd.
    One thing the ES games always did great is the transation between different climates, and this is where I'd adjust your landscape a bit. It seems very volcanic, which is awesome, but kind of strange when there's snow and pine trees really close.
    You could repaint some of the edges of that mountain with some volcanic textures and replace the pine trees with dead trees (maybe dlc2 ones?) or the ones you see in the reach. So for the landscape I'd aim for more unity within the design.
    I really like what you're doing here, please understand that these are only suggestions.  
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  3. theblackpixel added a post in a topic When Vampires Attack - compatibility question   

    Have you tried using LOOT to check? If you run into any crashes it should indicate what's causing it, therefore giving you the info you need. Plugins marked orange or red on the NMM loadorder can indicate these problems too, although they aren't as effective as using LOOT.
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  4. theblackpixel added a post in a topic Nothollom WIP   

    Wow, that waterfall is a sight to behold. Great landscaping, but I'm not too sure about those huts. The texture of the cloth doesn't seem to match the giants or the stone frame it's held by.
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  5. theblackpixel added a post in a topic Rimmen Architecture   

    Khajiit likes this, this looks great
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  6. theblackpixel added a post in a topic Show us what you're working on!   

    You guys work at light speed, how is this even possible?
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  7. theblackpixel added a post in a topic Yoku exterior set - towns & ruins   

    Wow! This is some great work here
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  8. theblackpixel added a post in a topic The "Lol" Thread   

  9. theblackpixel added a post in a topic Visual Dungeon Inspiration   

    Thanks for the visual references. I also get most of my ideas from other games. I try to detect what structures, setpieces and design perspectives I remember from games and what makes them memorable. After that I try to recreate an abstract version of these in the CK and test them to see if their merit is still present. If so I keep these in the back of my head so that when I got a place that design neatly fits in I can easily implement it.
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  10. theblackpixel added a post in a topic Books on level design   

    Not really books but Gamastura, GDC and Extra Credits helped me a bunch.
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  11. theblackpixel added a comment on a file Creatures resource   

    Looks great, can't wait to see that parrot dragon
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  12. theblackpixel added a post in a topic [Crypt of Hearts] Entrance to the Crypt - Nightblade camp discussion   

    I read that the nightblades attempt to kill the Dovahkiin, which supposedly is the reason why they came to Skyrim. This appears quite strange to me. My questions are twofold:
    First of all, why do the nightblades want the Dovahkiin dead. What do they gain from it? Also if they are supposed to attack the dragonborn when he sleeps the dragonborn might actually not be in Skyrim (he could be in Solstheim, Illiac bay or -even worse- hidden places like the Vale. This would make it weird for them to set up a camp in Skyrim.
    Second, Why do they bring a shadowgate? If they plan to assassinate the dovahkiin instead of attacking him in the open, why bother have a safe and fast way back at all?
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  13. theblackpixel added a post in a topic Crypt of Hearts Exteriors   

    All these concepts look great. Did they make it to a final model?
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  14. theblackpixel added a post in a topic Beyond Skyrim: Crypt of Hearts   

    So I am looking around the forums, scouring for information about these crypts, but I just couldn't find  lore that was 'written in stone'. I think this thread was the main hub for information. However it seems to be broken. Is there any other place info about the crypt can be found?
    Also there doesn't seem to be any ruble or debris, apart from a few ruined assets. With the floors being as flat as they are it'd be really useful to have some.
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  15. theblackpixel added a topic in Recruitment   

    Beyond Skyrim Aplication
    I am theblackpixel, university student history and massive fan of The Elder Scrolls .
    Even though Skyrim was the first and only game in the series I played I know the universe (lore and all skyrim worldspaces and quests) very well.
    English is not my native language, but I speak it fluently and understand it very well, although I might use sentence structures or certain vocabulary that seems odd to natives.
    My character: I am progressive (not in the 'I hate everything and am racist against white people' sense) and philosophical, with a love for games, writing, history, movies and -well- philosophy. I am not incredibly social but I am friendly and respect other people. I can not prove this since I am new to the forum but you can check any of my posts over at my nexus profile as a display of my character (
    that's about it, one more thing:
    I have read and agreed to respect the charter and am ready to cooperate with other members.
    With that out of the way I'd like to apply for the position of level designer in the Illiac Bay: Tower of Dawn project. Specifically in the High Rock department. I like exterior design, but also enjoy decorating and designing interior spaces. I am willing and able to Navmesh all of my work, but don't want to exclusively Navmesh or Navmesh big spaces from other members.
    I have what I consider to be an intermediate experience with the creation kit. Some of the things I know how to do without help from tutorials or the like include:
    Actions or images speak louder than words so here's some of my past work:
    Over the course of 4 days I created 4 small islands to demo my skills with the kit and to display my experience with new assets and varied landscapes. Here are the screenshots of these:
    !One last note: As a university sudent I'm in the middle of my exams, so if I'm accepted I'd only be able to help come the 1rst of February,  the past 4 days restrained me from studying already.
    That'll be all. May the Nine stand by your side, 
    theblack pixel,
    Signing off.
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