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  1. Pells Gate

    What a difference lighting can make! Spent most of the evening playing around with lighting for Larran's House, and here's the result: It's starting to feel a little cozy. I'm not totally sold on the light beam, It may be tweaked a little more (or removed altogether). I'm not a huge fan of white candle light, so I made a duplicate of a light that felt more natural, then tweaked it a little. It's called CYRCandleOrangeTint (or something similar) if anyone want to use it once the file is merged. Other Changes to accommodate feedback: Larran's bow, no longer tucked away on a shelf, is displayed proudly above his workbench.Added a basket of arrows next to the front door. This is likely how Larran would have kept them in his hunting days. Now they make great items for him to barter with with the hunters he repairs gear for.Added a loose deer pelt to help hunter-fy the interior.Swapped one stamina-boosting ingredient from vanilla skyrim with something from our ingredient list. (Note: The mountain flowers are just placeholders for now, until we can get more alchemy ingredients ready to go. This is simply because I like the look of having flowers in the mix and I want to replace them with some kind of flower.)Thanks for the continuing feedback everyone! Also, size limits for these posts. Is that something that is capped per post or per day? I could only post about 3 pictures total, even when I tried to make another reply.
  2. Pells Gate

    Thanks everyone. And yeah, I was thinking that too Bellatrix. Maybe more pelts? And I think I want to move the bow somewhere more visible. It would be an item of great meaning and value to Larran, so it would be right for him to display it somehow. Hessux, do you mean the rest of the house or the rest of Pells Gate? haha I'm going to tweak some stuff on this house, then do lighting and navmesh then it should be pretty good to go. I'll probably stay in Pells Gate until it's done or I'm needed elsewhere.
  3. Pells Gate

    Not sure is Larran is male/female, so I'll just use they/them for clarity. A little dark, but here is a first draft of Larran Blaciel-An's house: Larran is old, so the repair work they'd be able to do is minimal. Their work space, pictured below, reflects this as it only consists of a grinding wheel and a small table cluttered with raw materials. In the same spirit, Larran's dresser (below) also reflects their age/health. Living in the small village, it is unlikely Larran would have consistent access to high quality potions. However, as a once proud hunter they would know about basic natural medicine. The dresser shelves are stocked with several easily available ingredients to boost strength and stamina, as well a water, a knife and a cup to mix the ingredients together. Also on the dresser are the relics of their hunting days: a suit of fur armor with properties that would help a hunter and their bow. Larran may live alone, but there is always a spare chair at the table for the neighbors who care for them. Finally, Larran's neighbors keep the pantry well stocked with home-made food and jams. As you can see, I still need to work on the lighting. Clutter and layout-wise I'm pretty happy. What does everyone else think? Anything I should add/remove/change? In the meantime, I suppose I should get back to working on my cave. haha -Josh
  4. General Signup Thread

    Awesome, sounds great! You can PM me here or I'm on the discord under the same username. Also, I can't seem to see the second thing you posted. It says I don't have permission to see it.
  5. General Signup Thread

    I'd be happy to work as an implementer, and I'd love to take on a claim as well. I would probably stay at one claim at a time at the moment, so I would be sure to give it proper attention. I'm open to working just about anywhere (both team-wise and world space-wise)!
  6. General Signup Thread

    I'm more than happy to go wherever I'm needed. What exactly are you responsible for when you take a dungeon or interior claim? And if you need quest implementers, I'm happy to work on that too.
  7. General Signup Thread

    @Asurnasurpal Absolutely! Here is a link to me portfolio: http://joshmcarr75.wixsite.com/josh-carr-portfolio It's more of a general purpose portfolio right now, but you can see a demo video of a game I'm working on (which is entirely programmed by me, with the help of some tutorials). Also on the page is a link to two PDFs of two of my published stories. I don't have anything to show yet for my CK work as it is all kind of in a preproduction phase and I've just been doing a few things to get my feet wet with the kit. I hope this will satisfy what you are looking for. If you want to see anything else, let me know. PS. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, it ended up being a very busy week on my end but I am really excited about the possibility of joining the team.
  8. General Signup Thread

    Hey Beyond Skyrim Team, My name is Josh and I am a third year English and Film student at the University of Maine. I would love to join on and help you guys out as a Quest Designer (or anything related to writing, really). Here's what I bring to the table: Experienced writer with several published short storiesScripting experience with C# and JS (so the CK's language wont be hard to pick up)Game design experience on personal projectsSome Creation Kit experience (I'm currently working on a few FO4 mods)A deep interest in the lore and world building that is the backbone of the Elder Scrolls franchiseAn almost unfortunate amount of time put into playing Skyrim and ESOA passion for playing and making games that I would like to turn into a careerI have a decent amount of free time, though I do have classes and a part-time jobs on a Software team. I'm a quick, self-motivated learner, so I can quickly get up to speed with any technical aspects I don't already know. If you guys want a sample quest design or dialogue just let me know, I'm sure I can whip something up! Bruma looks great, and I'd love to get on board as the project moves forward. I can't wait to here from you! -Josh