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  1. Level Designer Application

    Great, thanks! No worries on taking time to get back, I've also been a bit on the busy side recently tbh
  2. Level Designer Application

    Hey, I didn't see anywhere else to apply specifically for Cyrodiil, so I hope making the application here is ok. The Cyrodiil project has interested me since I first heard about beyond Skyrim, and was the first project that came to my attention, and I would rove to be able to help make this project as good as it can be. I've been using the creation kit for a while, working on odd projects for fallout 4, and currently working on a couple of other beyond skyrim projects, and the main thing I've familiarized myself with is level designing. I can work fairly well with both interiors and exteriors (Though to be frank, I'm much better with exteriors than I am with interiors) Here's an example of something I've spent the last week or so putting together, mainly because I had some inspiration and wanted to work on something new, and decided after starting that it would be great for the application: https://imgur.com/a/a9ogU Hopefully the lack of LOD doesn't make it look too much worse, I did this with the SSE CK, and I'm sure you know that getting LOD to work on that is a bit of a pain. And I hope you don't mind me borrowing a few of the Bruma assets for the application piece. Thanks for reading through this, and I hope to hear back at your convenience, and I hope you consider me for the team.
  3. Level Designer Applications Thread

    Hey, unsure if this thread is still used, but I'd like to make an application for level design in Elsweyr. I've been working on level design on both iliac bay and morrowind in beyond skyrim, and a project or two in the fallout 4 CK. Here's an example of some of my work: I can work on any claims given almost immediately (though I will admit, I've never been too great at interior cells, I can mainly really do landscaping work) Cheers
  4. General Signup Thread

    Hey, I'm working as a level designer for a couple other beyond skyrim projects. I was wondering if it would be possible to join the team doing landscaping for Cyrodiil, it's my favourite province, and I didn't initially join it, thinking there wasn't much room for more landscapers. Here's an example of work I put together in a few hours:
  5. Recruitment Thread - No Longer Used

    Hey fellas, I've been looking at this project for a while, and I've wanted to join it for pretty much the same amount of time. I've been working with the creation kit for nearly a year now (albeit with fallout rather than skyrim, but the skills are still applicable either way.) If there's any room for another level designer working on exteriors and interiors (mainly exteriors) I'd love to join the team. Heres a sample of some of my work, something I spent a few hours on:
  6. I'd quite like to work on exterior level design in morrowind. I don't have any examples of proper modding projects for skyrim (I've only really been working with fallout, on a project with very little landscaping.) But I do have a small section of landscaping I whipped up in a few hours for the application. It's all in one big imgur page here: http://imgur.com/a/NaMhc