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    Soundtrack music, various electronic music genres, photography & other visual art, environmental ambience (field recordings)
  1. Recruitment: Voice acting, Female

    Hello Joy, I'm the lead composer for Atmora. Like Hannes mentioned, voice castings are still a while away, but we may soon be ready to record some Atmoran folk songs. At this moment, I would see a collaboration with the ambient soundtrack possible - if that is something you would be interested in?
  2. Recruitment: Voice Acting

    That's really nice work Darkceo!
  3. You are a great composer and the best I could ever wish to have as a music department lead for our project.
    Creative, hard-working and with the deepest understanding of the soul of what we want to achieve.
    And a super friendly person.
    Thank you for being with us!

    1. Yaranik


      Thanks very much Hannes, I've had great time during my time in the team. I'm glad to have been able to provide content for the project :)

  4. Buildings and Structures of Thras

    Did you guys end up working on anything based on Kettlewitch's singing sculptures idea? I just find that very fascinating.
  5. Show us what you're working on!

    Still, a great work in progress! I like what you're going for with this.
  6. Wanting to join

    I'll send you a private message to discuss about possible things for Atmora.
  7. Wanting to join

    Hi Erin, Do you have some examples of your works available for listening?
  8. I took the area assignations away from the explore tracks in the list and replaced them with just "categories" for now. Let's look closer into what is assigned to which area at a later time. Maybe more categories can be planned for covering the area-specific stuff as we continue the work. The explore tracks I've now been working on follow the general sound types described . Category 1 is generally dark and non-melodic, and category 2 is generally melodic and melancholic.
  9. Show us what you're working on!

    RMichelich, wow those are really good.
  10. Yeah that would be very nice, let's try some tracks for the coast area with a lighter tone.
  11. Show us what you're working on!

    Really nice work @MihailMods ! Do you also do animations, and if so, have you gotten to a point to implement any for these creatures yet?
  12. Greeting from the Atmoran music department The purpose of this thread is to list the guidelines and the approximate status (completion towards minimum quota) of all soundtrack audio works by category. By making this I'm hoping to put everything down in a single place to make clear what has been done, and what is still needed to complete the soundtrack. All info is based on discussions, existing documents and my suggestions. Feedback on anything is welcome! Score Length Total minimum length: 90 - ? minutes - 10 minutes of material per category in interiors and unique exteriors (5 unique categories) - 10 minutes day time + 10 minutes night time per category in world exploration (2? unique categories) Plus situational short tracks. Day time and night time exploration to follow the same basic tone guidelines, but night time music should be deeper and more even without sudden peaks in sound. Sound Engineering Rules I'm going by for the final tracks: - Source quality 44.1 kHz / 16 bit - Quality after xwm conversion 160 kbps or 192 kbps - Peaks at ~0 dB after (a very subtle) limiter processing - Subtle stereo image expansion per channel where needed - No prominent mono sounds centered in the stereo field (some exceptions in Chime sounds + other short effects) - Generous reverb in most cases (for sinking the music into the background). Less reverb in heavy drums f.ex. in battle situations. Areas & Tones for static ambience DEFAULT EXPLORE Category 1 / Day [100% complete] - non-melodic, dark, uneasy, percussion, often peaks/highlights Category 1 / Night [0% complete] - non-melodic, uneasy , soft, hazy, steady layers Category 2 / Day [100% complete] - melodic, melancholic, often peaks/highlights Category 2 / Night [30% complete] - melodic, melancholic, soft, hazy, steady layers INTERIORS + EXTERIORS Civil area interiors [0% complete] - Village: melancholic, calm - Harbor: uneasy Military area exteriors [0% complete] - Forts + Barracs: melancholic, driven by light percussion Tombs [30% complete] - dark, fearsome, uneasy, mystic Sacred sites [15% complete] - Exteriors: open, mystic - Interiors: closed, mystic, meditative Caves [50% complete] - Rock: closed, moving air, contextual noises - Ice: closed, crystal/glass tones, contextual noises
  13. Show us what you're working on!

    Agreed with Rob, fits perfectly to a swamp area!
  14. Thank you for such a warm welcome for my contribution :-)
  15. Concept Artist looking to help.

    Nice works! I'm new here also, but I'm quite sure there's provinces here that would welcome additional concept art.