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  1. Application 2D/3D Art Generalist

    Hello! That's quite a showcase of skill you're showing, I don't doubt you're in - like Oliver said, do you have any specific province you'd like to join? Is there something that draws you to Elder Scrolls/Skyrim modding?
  2. Application - 2D Artist

    Hi there! We've been hearing from you a great lot I'm the lead of the concept art department in Elsweyr. Cut short : you're in! Message me privately on here or on Discord (Sotha Sil#9628), and I'll add you to our dev groups and utilities so you can get started!
  3. 2D concept artist looking to contribute.

    Hello ! Elsweyr art lead here I really like your concepts - long story short, you're in! PM me on Discord, Sotha Sil#9628 and I'll get you set up!
  4. Application - Concept Artist

    Hello! I'm from elsweyr I'd be interested in seeing more of your art. Do you draw landscapes/architecture? Do you make digital art? What draws you to elsweyr in particular?
  5. Elsweyr Recruitment Thread!

    We don't ! since BS is entirely free, everyone works in their free time and we give no time constraints. there are priorities and if you work a lot it'll of course be appreciated, but no obligations or time limits. Hello ! you came across the right person could you show us examples of your work? Do you have a special affinity for Elsweyr?
  6. Elsweyr Recruitment Thread!

    I agree on the fantasy armor part, we'll get along well! If you like designing and making up characters and want to join our art team, you're in ! i hope i can see you paint a whole character one day, that painting of a bounty hunter looks nice We can send you all the khajiit lore references you need, and the team can even give you good art criticism and tips if you want i'll be messaging you with our contact details once you've confirmed!
  7. Elsweyr Recruitment Thread!

    Hello! I'm the art lead SamuraiHealer sent for I'd be very interested in seeing your digital art, even if it's unfinished, to see how you draw there! Since you seem to mainly draw characters, we're always up for more art, and could use some ideas for armor right now. I'd also like to know if you have a specific take on khajiit, ideas and such related to Elsweyr! As for your question - quite simply, Moonpath features bits of Elsweyr. We'll feature the entire province. Hope that helped!
  8. Elsweyr Recruitment Thread!

    Hello Fazikku! Apologies for the late reply. I messaged you on Tumblr, I'd like to have you join our 2d team !
  9. Oblivion Guy Voice Acting Application

    Hello! I feel like I'm meeting a legend right now Your thread has been shared around on the general server, and I also sent it to my team, Elsweyr. I and many others love your videos, I'm sure you'll be in quickly!
  10. Application: 2D Artist

    Hello! Your art is amazing. I'm from the Elsweyr team, we'd love to have you! I'll also be messaging you on Discord
  11. Application : 3D Modeller

    If you're still free, Elsweyr team could use someone like you! I do have a question : the works you posted are excellent, but not textured. Do you do textures too, or just 3d models?
  12. Application: 3d modeller

    Hello! Elsweyr here, we'd need 3d modellers to help up with inanimate objects like clutter!
  13. Ta'agra Word Request Thread

    Hello ! Here with a few requests. (these are all compiled from a Discord convo, where we argumented a bit further) "hawk" : the bird associated with Khenarthi in particular. We concluded that "prey bird"/"hunter bird" was too aggressive for that connotation, something about "wind bird" or "water bird" would have fit well, but "water bird" doesn't work well to me, I imagine a seagull and not a hawk. I took "she-bird", ro'apash, but wanted to think what the ta'agra team thought! "wing", still related to the same text about Khenarthi. "dream" : would be very important a word to have
  14. Hello! Concept artist for Elsweyr here , we'd love to have you I'm browsing your DeviantArt right now, your work is amazing! I share your passion for primitive stuff and creature design too, glad to see someone like you take interest in the project! We have a number of assets to draw and concept art that could fit your interests. To name a few : the decals are knotwork and thus would fit you well, there's also a need for clutter and similar interior assets, emblems for clans and factions, miscellaneous items... And since you're good at drawing animals, I'm sure you'd make great Khajiit. Feel free to contact me for details, it's hard to sum up. Like Noctis said, we're undergoing a push that would involve some tribal stuff, you're more than welcome!
  15. Elsweyr Recruitment Thread!

    Hello! I've been eyeing this project for a long time, and one of the members contacted me on tumblr yesterday to ask me to contribute! I have a small notoriety on the tes tumblr community as "khajiit dude", Elsweyr being my favorite tes province. I write and draw my headcanons, used to do some roleplay too. Here are the most recent stuff I did, both for Anequina environment, with a desert temple and the halls of collossus. And some character art : (Those last two are quite old, apologies)