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    Hi there! Sorry for not seeing this earlier... If I am given a claim, I will do my utter best to either complete it, or drop it so someone else can pick it up in a timely manner (what kind of deadlines does your team work on? May give me a good ballpark). My presence on discussions may be slim in the beginning, as I am not used to the different workflow here, but I am all too good at giving my two cents to discussions, haha. Anything in the CS is likely to be delayed simply because I'd have to learn more than half of it, so I'd prefer to stick with writing and planning for now.
  2. Writer/Quester/Lore Nerd

    Hello! I'm Kevaar. I heard there may be work to be had here for a starving (not really) writer, and I've come to lend my assistance! About me: I'm one of the Lead Developers over at Tamriel Rebuilt where I coordinate and write quests, dialogue, ingame books, and some of the mod's new lore. Though I can script, it's not my forte and I'd probably have to relearn most things as it applies to Skyrim's CS instead of Morrowind's. I am most interested in Morrowind lore and helping coordinate between TR and BS in that regard, but I am just as interested in Elsweyr and Hammerfall lore, and would probably be perfectly happy giving a shot at anything in the mod that needs some writing love. Please note that TR is my priority, though, and so anything BS comes after. So! What kinds of tasks are available here and where would I go to start?