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  1. Join Roscrea Team

    Hello! I'd like to join the project as a voice actor, hope this is the right place to apply for it. I've done work for other Bethesda game mods in the past. Skywind, The Frontier, and Vigilant for example. Here's a link to my profile on CastingCallClub, so you can get an idea of my range: https://www.castingcall.club/m/nevernotninja (Scroll to the bottom to get to my recent auditions.) Email is nevernotninja@gmail.com if you want to get back to me. Thanks for your time!
  2. Elsweyr Recruitment Thread!

    Hello! A friend in a voice acting Discord told me that this was the place to apply. I'm a voice actor working on roles for Skywind and Lordbound at the minute, amongst other things. Not sure entirely what you're looking for voice-wise, but I've attached a few clips so you can get a general idea. Thanks for reading! Love the project. If you'd like to get in contact by email, mine is nevernotninja@gmail.com Vigilant Jovanni 4.wav PDD31.wav MSI4.wav