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  1. Atmoran Monoliths

    Thankx a lot, guys! Sure thing Hannes! and beside these ones you sugested, i could also make ones for the humanoid form of the Gods that could peraphs serve as altars? (that give bonus and everything)
  2. Atmoran Monoliths

    Well, at first work i decided to make some monoliths, big, medium and small ones with blue of some art from bronze age and traditional carving. And i tried to make the carvings (except from the 2° of the second photo) to retrate war, mythology, a lot of ships for the Companions and Runic inscripts (the best i could understand) related to the Gods. What do you guys think?
  3. Concept Artist looking to help.

    Hello guys! I loved the Beyond Skyrim project so i wanted to help any way i can in the art section, be it drawing characters, armors, weapons or land. I don't have a preferably province to work so i'm willing to help in any of them ^^ . Here a sample of my work: