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  1. Writer looking to contribute!

    I'd be interested in Atmora.
  2. Writer looking to contribute!

    Alright! I'd be interested in Atmora or Elsweyr.
  3. Writer looking to contribute!

    I'm not sure it's open, but I'd love to work on the Summerset Isles? If not, I can do Valenwood, Cyrodiil, or the Atmora expedition.
  4. Writer looking to contribute!

    Hi! I'm really interested in being a writer for this project, writing some quests, story lines, even bits of lore if that helps at all. I've been writing for a long time, especially fantasy, and I just love Elder Scrolls a lot. Below I have submitted a sample of my writing: "There was a narrow strip of water outside. It was large, the current cascading from the summer breeze. The skies were gray and dismal, but Ai just couldn’t stop staring at the water. She could see that in the distance it stretched out into the sea. That meant that this hospital was on the edge of a peninsula, next to the ocean… a place her father never let her near. She pressed her palm to the window… watching the water soothed her in a way she hadn’t felt in days. She let out a sigh, fogging up the glass in front of her. “Ai?” She turned to her doctor. “Do you see something interesting?” “Is it possible for me to go to the shoreline?” For some reason, her doctor smiled. “Would that help you?” “I don’t know,” she answered honestly. She turned back to the window, staring down at the silvery current, “I’ve never been close enough to know.” She felt the doctor step up next to her. “Well, if it’s something you want,” he said as she looked up at him, “I think it can be arranged.” It didn’t take long for the request to go through. By the following afternoon, Ai found herself stepping out onto the beach. The sand crunched beneath her shoes, so she tore them off to feel the sand against her bare feet. It was courser than she imagined. She closed her eyes as a warm, summer breeze flowed in. The hospital was always cold from the constant air conditioning… the warm breeze felt good against her skin. She stood there, breathing in the salty, sea air and just feeling the air rustle her hair and clothes. Then she walked towards the shoreline, pressing the bottom of her feet into the cool water. It sent a shock through her, and a gasp left her lips. Tears prickled at the corner of her eyes as she smiled at the feeling of the oceans ebbing and flowing over her toes. It was so salty that it even burned a little against her skin. She sat down, pressing her palms against the wet sand. She felt like a child with a new toy. “Dreamers and artists spend their time with their hearts in the water,” her father had said to her when she had asked for the first t(and last) time to go to the beach, “You and I are neither of those things.” Ai's smile fell as his words filled her mind. She looked at the water again, but this time, her stomach twisted with disgust. She leaned into her hands as her tears started to fall again. They laced between her fingers, falling into the ocean beneath her. For a long time, she sat there, crying silently. The day ticked by slowly and she knew that if she sat there for too long, the doctors wouldn’t let her back out here. She wiped her face, clearing her vision with the back of her hand. She sniffled a few times before looking out at the water one last time. She saw a pair of eyes staring back at her. They were blue, bluer than the sky, bluer than even the ocean. They were set against a smooth-skinned, grayish-blue face. Webbed membranes spread from the sides of the face, but that’s all Ai could make out; only the top-half of the head was showing. Ai froze, not sure what to do. She just shared the gaze with the being in front of her, unable to look away. Then she blinked and the being was gone. Ai sat there for a long moment, weary… but not scared. She stood up, looking back at the spot for a second time. There was nothing there, but she definitely saw something. Perhaps it was best, though, not to inform her doctor." Let me know what you all think! I can't wait to hear back <3