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  1. Looking to contribute with writing and concept art

    Sure! I wouldn't mind joining Roscrea, it'd be fun to work with a part of Tamriel that we don't know very much about. But, if not Roscrea, then I would go with either Black Marsh and/or Elsweyr.
  2. Hi! Here's a sample of my writing, it is sort of a fantasy/adventure piece that's part of a larger story using concepts and characters created by me. Let me know what you think. =) Figured this would be easier to read here: Darrian gazed into the large expanse of trees before him with a mixture of relief and apprehension. After what felt like years, he had finally come to the end of his journey through an immense stretch of grasslands that for a time had seemed to go on forever. But the forest he now faced made the grasslands seem like a field of flowers and butterflies. Now Darrian was no coward, in fact he loved a good adventure. But this was different; this forest seemed dark and threatening to the 19 year-old, promising nothing but misery. “Oh, come on,” Darrian said aloud to himself, “after days of facing savage beasts, hostile humanoids, and a scorching sun, this really shouldn’t be much trouble at all.” He found it difficult to feel as confident as he sounded, however. But, if the map he had acquired earlier held any validity, this was the final stretch before he would arrive at last to the Arstraein Falls and the capitol city of this strange new world. No, it was now or never. You could try and find another way, said a voice that came from his pocket. Darrian pulled out the small jet-black stone and held it in his hand in surprise. It was the first time it had spoken since he first entered the grasslands two weeks ago. “According to the map it’s the quickest way to get to the Falls, and I’d like to try to get at least half-way before dark,” he said to the little stone, noticing the sun had begun to set. Be careful what you choose, was all it said in response. Taking a breath, he started in through the dark forest. The first thing he noticed was the sudden silence. The typical sounds of a forest (the faint rustle of leaves, birdsong, etc.) were absent in the growing darkness. A darkness that eventually became so thick, it covered what was left of all remaining daylight. After some time of trudging through thick underbrush and around ancient trees, he felt a sudden sense of unease which was soon followed by a powerful fear as the shadows before him began to bend and melt together to form a large figure. Striding out of this cloak of darkness, was a large black drag- wait… Darrian thought to himself, it wasn’t a dragon. It walked on four limbs like a wyvern, but also had arms tucked under its wings. It looked like some kind of half-dragon that was using his wings as a pair of mock front legs. This was confirmed as the draconic creature stood upright with wings unfurled. What he found interesting (albiet frightening) was that the creature wore pitch-black armor amidst dark scales and had a cruel looking glaive across its back. And at a good 10ft tall, it dwarfed the young teen. The drake’s glowing yellow gaze held him petrified with fear, as it drew its weapon and started toward him with eyes of spite. Speak his name! The stone suddenly shouted at him, this is one of the nine draconyte elemental lords that govern this world! Speak his name and he might let you live! As if recalling some long-lost memory, Darrian managed to overcome part of his fear and speak with a terrified voice, “Abyssnor NightRain.”