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  1. landscaping WIP

    Cyrodiil and/or Elsweyr then . The roscrea island sounds cool, too.
  2. landscaping WIP

    Yea sorry I made many threads lol... Those were before I knew you could record with obs I thought a new thread with video would be a good idea. I'd PREFER to do Valenwood, cyrodiil, summerset isles. After those, whatever needs landscapers. I'm also interested in level design (if that isn't also landscaping) like towns, dungeons and houses. I can make another vid for level design if you want. As for introduction: I'm from canada, Skyrim is probably my favourite game of all time. I get along with people easily, I learn quickly and really enjoy world building. As for navmeshing, I understand what it is and how to do it. I've never really done it, though. Edit: I've been trying to delete threads but I don't know how ;(
  3. landscaping WIP

    Wanted to show an example of landscaping work I've been doing. Ty for your consideration. I still don't know much about how to make rivers, streams or waterfalls in the CK but I'm learning.
  4. Hey i published my WIP. it's called: Hurbii's app for beyond skyrim. can someone see if it works? any feedback would be cool if it does!
  5. Concept artist/lore buff looking to help out

    Wow that's great! I bet they'll accept you ;o
  6. Hey! I heard about this for the first time (sadly) just now from TheEpicNate's video about it. I always thought it would be incredible to make Tamriel. I would totally pay for it lol. It'd be awesome if I could help with level design like cities, towns, houses, dungeons etc. I have experience with skyrim creation kit (I've made my own houses and dungeons), but I can learn new kits (if you have one). Skyrim is my favourite game ever, and I'd be honored to be apart of this project (and really want to be!!!!). If I'm not qualified can you tell me what I can do to become qualified? Thank you! Everything except orsinium is good for me. Here are some pics of a house I did recently: https://gyazo.com/6110d17e8033ed0a9fe01e9f280bbfb9 https://gyazo.com/772097b0c8016184a8845eb04588e225 https://gyazo.com/64d34e29bb66b3b9bf46c1e5a035e66f https://gyazo.com/df43a88e71c3d60f16994a875fc0069c https://gyazo.com/8da2a8b594121cc2a83483f446a347c5 https://gyazo.com/ffaea6cba35a6b579d59ac6f23148961 https://gyazo.com/8ce8fb6597e94698e71a7be98a5d717f https://gyazo.com/b16867186aa8bbf09bc8257c7f4cbdfe