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    Male | 27 | American | Baritone
    Howdy hey. I'm very interested in voice acting for this project. 

    I don't have anything in the way of a portfolio, but I have a YouTube channel where I do let's plays. I could link a few videos I feel best represent my range, or you could visit (which would also take you to my YouTube Channel. On that channel I record using Rockband microphones (which are surprisingly high quality for the price of $1), however, I will happily buy a better microphone if needs be. 

    I've worked in a call center for 3.5 years so I'm very use to talking on microphones. I studied Spanish in high school and college for a combined 6ish years, so I'm very use to exercise my voice to meet accents that are not my own and generally just had a general knack for language and vocal expression. I am a moderately proficient vocal percussionist and I have a baritone range which I've used in concert choirs, jazz choirs, and acapella groups; although that was when I was in my late teens. 

    I'd be largely interested in doing any voices you'd like. I've always dreamed of having my voice involved in a Bethesda-related mod. 
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