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  1. Important Announcement

    I've always thought that Thras has a lot of potential. Either way I wish you all the best of luck.
  2. Important Announcement

    I came off a bit harsh, it sounds like there was some stuff going on that I wasn’t fully aware of. Honestly there was some interest in what Thras was up to but not many people were sure. Either way Thras has always stood on its own (not a bad thing) so being part of Beyond Skyrim doesn’t really help more than being on your own. I do wish the specific concerns above would have come to the Council but even then the end result may not have been exactly what was wanted.
  3. Important Announcement

    As someone on the Council Thras has never levied any major complaint against any member via official channels. The biggest complaint I can find is that we wouldn’t allow you a third seat on the council because you are a relatively small project. Don’t make false accusations that can easily be disproved. If you had any interest in resolving issues you would have brought them up in the Council, but you didn’t, so don’t blame everyone else for your problems.
  4. Need help with an downloading issue on xb1

    It's possible if you deleted mods to make space they didn't get fully deleted. Redownload them, reactivate them, restart, then delete them again.
  5. Application: Level Design

    I think that looks great. Can you PM me your e-mail address and we can take it from there?
  6. Application - 3D Prop Artist

    Lots of great looking stuff - someone from the Cyrodiil art team will be with you soon. If you don't hear from them by tomorrow, PM me and I'd be happy to get you set up.
  7. 3D modeling, Landscaping

    We can't accept ported models, which these appear to be.
  8. Sutch Development

    No major terraforming on our side is needed. We'll link up the road to the bridge but other than that nothing else is needed.
  9. Chorrol Development

    I think that's a very interesting idea. If not for Chorrol - for Skingrad or a relatively large village maybe?
  10. We're making every effort to release Bruma on XBox One. It's just a matter of making sure everything fits. I even got one for testing - so we're very serious about it.
  11. Female American accent and others

    Is the setup at the start of your reel the one you primarily use now? Recording quality is probably the biggest thing we look for with VA stuff (beyond, you know, actual skill) and if that is the norm I think you'd be a great addition to any of the casts. Cyrodiil will definitely be casting female VA roles in the near future. There may be a small role for the Bruma release - I will have to take stock after we implement our latest wave.
  12. 2d artist looking to work for cyrodiil

    Very nice work. What sort of stuff have you done in other mods? We do need some paintings and banners, as well as concept art.
  13. I want to help in Cyrodiil, Morrowind or Blackmarsh

    If you are new to modding and you were led to believe that ported content was okay, I'm sorry. You even mentioned in your post that these are not models you created "dont now how far my skills are when it goes to a fully new createt model". This is not the first time someone has tried to pass off ported content as their own and I know it won't be the last. Either way, I'm sorry, but no. Ignorance of the policy on ported content is one thing, but you've already lied to us by stating these aren't ported from Oblivion. EDIT: If you have evidence that proves that these are original works please provide it. We've been burned too many times in the past to take something like this at face value.
  14. General Signup Thread

    Do you have any screens or examples of your work? We're definitely looking for interiors team members at the moment. Setting up the Git is necessary, but we can help get it set up. We have Eldarie's tutorial - it isn't very hard, it just takes a while to download. PM me your e-mail and I'll add you to the Slack.
  15. General Signup Thread

    Do you have some examples of your level design work? In terms of writing do you have any examples of dialogue or quest design? Do you have a link? Sorry, I don't go into the Morrowind forums often so I'm not sure exactly where to look.