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  1. Beginner Level Scripter

    Hello, I am Noah Brown I am 15 years old and I want to be a Papyrus Scripter. I have extremely basic knowledge of papyrus so I'm not the best scripter in the world but I am learning. I don't have much to say so thank you for your time reading this and please don't let my lack of mastery turn you away. I made another script letting a drauger boss resurrect his minions but it got lost somehow. HelloWorldScript.pex
  2. Student Application Thread (Implementation)

    What is it your interested in learning? (Scripting, quests, etc.)- Scripting PapyrusHow much knowledge do you already have in what you are interested in?- I know the basics of coding Java and can do minor coding in Papyrus. Also know how to use CK.What tools do you prefer to learn with? (Thread is mandatory, but skype or chat can be utilized as well.)- Thread, Skype (only voice), Discord, etc.What province(s) are you interested in joining once you've completed your "education"?- Any, but if I had to choose one it would be Black MarshYou can also post a bit about yourself and why you want to learn in this section if you want.- I am Noah Brown, I am 15 years old and modding has always been a dream of mine and coding I just like. If I could learn to code for Skyrim and work on Beyond Skyrim then I can feel like I have done something important in my life that has to do with gaming. Right now I am on Summer Break so I got a lot of time on my hands now. Thank you for your time reading this. Native language, and other known languages.- English, if this also means coding langs then some Java.
  3. Black Marsh Recruitment Thread

    Hi, I would like to help with Black Marsh as a level designer. I am fairly good a CK and I can make whatever you need me too (with or without help is on the tables but it will end up done). Here is my post on the general thread about what I can do. Thank you for your time .
  4. Hey I wanted to help with Black Marsh but I heard that group is here. I made a post on the main recruitment thread to be a level designer. I am not the best at it but I can make dungeons that look nice and are efficient for traversing and lore. Here is the link to the main thread post. Thank you for your time.
  5. Dungeon Designer

    I have updated the map
  6. Dungeon Designer

    I am Noah Brown and I want to be a level designer. I only recently learned how to level design on CK but I have to start somewhere. I do not have a province of choice, I can do them all. The map I have attached is a base nordic ruin. If you want me to add details like chests and enemies I will do on request. The only issue with the map is that the door doesn't work, I am trying to fix it then add an area behind it. Thank you for your time. The name to run the map is Test2. Test Dungeon.esp
  7. Writer

    Hello, I am Noah Brown and I wish to help with writing and anything else I can in this mod. I do not have a region of choice. I used to be in technical theatre so I am familiar to scripts and the like. All I would ever need to write a script is what you want and basic descriptions of characters. I have done more scripts then this quest I made up but that was done on text messages and have been lost due to my phone's 200 texts limit. Note: Names and places can be changed. Dananus and Cavard.docx