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  1. Gameplay Programmer looking to help

    Iliac Bay works well with me.
  2. Gameplay Programmer looking to help

    Hello there, I don't really have a personal preference. I'd like to help in whichever province requires the most work or is lagging behind.
  3. Hello there, I would like to help on any project which requires a gameplay programmer. I have worked in Creation Kit before as well as have experience in couple of different engine like Unity, Unreal Engine as well as Flash. Even though I like to work as a gameplay programmer, I do have experience in: * Gameplay Design * 3D Modelling (Novice) * Story writing I am currently in university with somewhat free time on my hands, so I'd like to contribute where most help is needed. My portfolio can be found here: http://vedantsansare.weebly.com/ (Still under construction)