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  1. Shadowkey Recruitment

    Greetings! I would be interested in Shadowkey (It is certainly one I've wanted to play but couldn't acquire). I am currently a 3d modeler on the Elsweyr team, making the Khajiit furstocks and some associated items, and would like to offer my services for creature modeling.
  2. emperor of cyrodill

    I do not believe so, as that would require implementing a ruling system, numerous choices for the player to make, as well as how to influence other provinces. That would be far too many actors, and would best be a mod all of its own, like "Become High King of Skyrim". Definitely not for default Cyrodiil.
  3. Elsweyr Desert concept art

    You also have to remember the effect Skyrim has on bright (white-ish) colors. They positively GLOW. That's something I've seen in my own work, so I would be concerned if the entire desert were shades of white. You'd have a serious problem with glare, and have a hard time seeing your enemies, and objects. A lot of desert rocks are tan or red, though some white-ish rocks do exist. You are correct that the rocks should likely have some degree of striping, but do remember that what you see may not be final. Textures can be swapped and thus applied to all of these rocks instantly. If anything, the above may just be about blocking out the cells for each claim.
  4. Carriage and Yurt progress

    Perhaps you could set it up like a Weapon or Shield Rack for optimal customization using the intended items?
  5. Carriage and Yurt progress

    Aw man... we gotta find 6 metal suns scattered across Elsweyr or Tamriel just to place on a Yurt's double doors just to access a carraige? Its Legend of Zelda or Metroid Prime 2: Echoes all over again. :c On a more serious note, does that imply customization?
  6. Carriage and Yurt progress

    I kinda want to rip those suns off and keep them. Also, the slots make me think something gets put in the slots. What a complex lock!
  7. Khajiit forms developement

    Based upon all the lore we have for the Khajiit, Waffles' concept art is accurate. We've seen in Skyrim and ESO that a given furstock can have many different fur patterns like Cathay having tiger, cheetah, leopard, cougar, and jaguar. Dagi are described as small Khajiit that are skilled mages, and capable of climbing and navigating branches that even the Bosmer can't reach, which is how they ambushed the Bosmer in the Battle of Fort Sphinxmoth during the Five Year War.
  8. Beyond Skyrim: Moonpath to Elsweyr

    They explain it all in the linked thread (https://anoldsockblog.wordpress.com/2017/02/01/wip-article/). There are a few 'chapters' to the project's development, that go over Moonpath in great detail. Contained are the answers you seek.
  9. Beyond Skyrim: Moonpath to Elsweyr

    Seeing as Legacy of the Dragonborn has nothing to do with Elsweyr, I highly doubt it. As mentioned above, Moonpath to Elsweyr is being recreated and expanded upon. Just because another mod also uses Moonpath doesn't mean Elsweyr will use that mod, too.
  10. Can we get access to Shivering Isles with this?

    Ah. Darn. Sounds like they beat me to it. I'm looking forward to it.
  11. Big Questlines?

    The quests are designed for the player to complete, after all, so yes, of course they'll need the Dragonborn (Or whatever the player decides they are). Personally, I'd prefer the BS projects not be carriers for previous game repeats. Let some new threats take the stage instead of another Shivering Isles threat, Deadlands, or Planemeld, etc. Similar schemes could be hinted at, sure, but not a near-direct copy. That's what the main games and remakes are for, like Skywind for Morrowind's story.
  12. Projects Status

    There is no doubt many people ask when these projects will be released, but I don't think I've ever seen as many threads and posts by a single individual on the subject as with you. It has been mentioned in your other threads on the subject, but these projects are still some years out. People come and go, and many of us have lives that pull us away. Sometimes technical issues, too. I can guarantee that the projects are being worked on. Some see more popularity than others, and thus receive more resources and people than lesser known provinces. Please have patience. At the rate you generate new threads about the subject, you'll easily have 10 times the number of threads on this forum by the time the first project is completed and released. It's ok to be curious about the projects, but really, pace yourself. Your first two threads on this subject were one minute apart!
  13. Pre-releases

    Ask Alduin how he pulled it off. You might need to be an undying, existential threat to pull it off, though.
  14. Pre-releases

    Part of the plan. But in all seriousness, if Bruma was planned as a separate release, it sounds like it was the original mod, and the rest is all DLC. So Bruma is the full mod. I've seen two threads by you for this very question. It makes me wonder why you are hunting this info. Nothing is coming out any time soon.
  15. Seasons

    With texture duplication, the editor gives it a new name and ID, so no, it wouldn't impact the existing snow texture at all, since the IDs would not match. If you swapped between the dirt and duplicated texture, it would certainly work, while preserving the original snow textures during the transitions. Editing the structure models would be easy, since I can port them into 3dsmax and edit them there, and just toss it back into Skyrim with edited mesh and textures. Objects with bones get a bit harder since I would need to bind new mesh pieces to the skeleton so it tracks with the models. That is where textures (especially parallax) can help a lot, giving the illusion of depth to otherwise flat textures without the need of building up meshes. I do believe the function is Papyrus-based, as it was mentioned in one of the links I provided. If there is an easier alternative to Papyrus coding that is compatible with Skyrim, that'd be fantastic, but I don't think such compatibility exists (SKSE might have forced such compatibility though)