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  1. Show us what you're working on!

    Haven't had much time to work on anything the last week. Anyway I've knocked out one of the Gladii which has a hilt carved out of a single piece of wood which is accurate to the reference.
  2. Show us what you're working on!

    Working on two Imperial shields. These are heavily inspired by Ryse: Son of Rome High Poly (WIP) The one on the right is ready to be baked, just lacks a low poly. The one on the left still needs more details and adjustments. The handles are supposed to be horizontal instead of vertical but if I made it that way then when the character blocks the shield wouldn't be straight but held at an angle which would look a little odd. Reworked the Gladius as I did not like the first version, I've modeled them in a modular fashion so I can switch out blades, grips, pommels and peens/nuts or whatever those caps are called that are commonly found on the pommels of swords. More renders - http://imgur.com/gallery/AaytS There are 4 different types of blades based on the Roman historical blades that have been discovered.
  3. Struggling with Textures for an Imperial Sword

    That was exactly the problem. I didn't have alphas checked when saving the normal maps in .dds format. Thank you for the help, greatly appreciated.
  4. Show us what you're working on!

    Ahah! Figured out what the issue was. The specular maps in the alpha 1 channel in the normal map .dds files weren't saving because I hadn't set it to save the alpha channel in PS upon saving as a .dds. That's why the normals were glitched out in Skyrim. Looking a lot better now but not perfect. I'm studying other weapon texture sheets. And notice that the diffuse maps on some weapons are quite dark while mine is quite bright. I reckon if I darken the gold parts and the blade in the diffuse map it may look better. The sword and scabbard's specular maps have different brightness values which I should have made consistent. I can quickly fix that though no problem. The blade is shining nicely, I think I can get it looking neater though. I got rid of the "damascus steel" pattern since it didn't look good or realistic to how damascus blades are supposed to look. I'll see if I can mess with the pattern and come up with better results if not I'll keep a plain old normal steel blade. I'm going for a polished look though rather than the usual dark grey dull blades that most swords in Skyrim have. So far it's not exactly got a polished look but it's close, it's easier to see how shiny it is in game though. The screenshots don't show it very well. As for the gold, It's still looking a little "plastic" but I reckon I know how to fix it by tweaking the diffuse and specular maps a bit and maybe another cubemap may make a difference too. The ivory/bone grip is still shiny but that's because I didn't mask it out in the specular map. I will mask it out and see how it looks in game, some Roman swords had polished ivory grips and that's what I am trying to replicate for this sword. As it's supposed to be for Imperial Captains. The steel variants will be for regular Legionnaires. So once this sword starts looking decent I think I can then go ahead and make more variants and finish up the Spatha V1. I also plan to make some shields for the Empire based on Roman scutums but smaller, probably will be heavily based on the shields from Ryse. Sorry about the bad screenshots. The guards were threatening to throw me into the Riften dungeon for leaving a sword lying around in public. So I was forced to take screenshots in a more secluded area and the Thieves Guild Cistern was the closest place. More screenshots - http://imgur.com/gallery/hW59d
  5. Show us what you're working on!

    @Argor nash35 the textures are definitely bad, they are supposed to look like they do in Substance and Marmoset Toolbag shown in the renders. Yet I can't seem to get to get them to appear properly in Skyrim, these are the texture sheets - http://imgur.com/gallery/JhBak I'm also not happy with the blade either ideally I'd like all metal parts to be shiny and reflective like InsanitySorrow's Thegn - http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/51544/? The golden parts on the hilt are supposed to be metal. The grip is supposed to be ivory/bone. It appears brown in game because I darkened the texture sheets in Photoshop because the sword appeared way too bright and whitewashed upon import. The scabbard is leather and metal.
  6. Hi there, I am new to modding Skyrim and am struggling with getting my textures to appear properly in game. I've modeled a sword based on a Roman Spatha for the Imperial Legion the only issues I have from calling it finished are the textures looking pretty terrible in game. I've provided screenshots of it in game and in Marmoset as well as the .dds texture sheets. In Marmoset - http://imgur.com/gallery/YAp1Q More variants - http://imgur.com/gallery/fwJEX In Game - http://imgur.com/gallery/DaBo3 Texture sheets - http://imgur.com/gallery/JhBak
  7. Show us what you're working on!

    It is quite a snug fit. I could make it thicker if it's not realistic. But it sure does fit otherwise there would be clipping issues Going to import it into Skyrim this evening. Will post screenshots here if it looks good if not. I'll post in the Help & Advice section. EDIT: Imported into Skyrim, the textures look pretty bad as usual. At first they were way too bright, so I just darkened them in Photoshop but that's not the only issue. the cubemap seems to be washing out the engravings, It doesn't look like shiny metal either. I'll continue to play with the textures and settings and hopefully get a good result in the end so I can then go ahead and add the other versions with different metals and grip materials. The version you see in the ingame screenshot is supposed to be Gold with a "damascus" steel blade with a ivory/bone grip. The scabbard is made of gold and leather on the outside. Rest of the ingame screenshots - http://imgur.com/gallery/DaBo3 EDIT 02: Made a topic in the Help & Advice category with the texture sheets and nifskope screenshots provided. Since I am struggling with getting the textures to look good within Skyrim.
  8. Show us what you're working on!

    I remember Oblivion's realswords mod. It was one of my favourites at the time. I'll consider modeling other weapons for the other races and factions down the line. Although for the Nords I think later Nordic era swords would be brilliant. Considering there is a mix of newer and older fashioned weapons and equipment all over Skyrim. For example the Legion uses Roman era and inspired equipment yet there are knights out there with full plated armour and great swords. Which I actually enjoy as it's a basket full of different and awesome stuff rather than just one type. Hans Palm - Millenia's tutorials are usually pretty good. He has one uploaded on youtube on how to model an m37 shotgun. It may help you understand high and low poly modeling. Although learning a software's interface is usually the most difficult step at first but once you get the hang of it and understand how to model properly, you'll be churning out stuff in no time. There are plenty of tutorials out there, all you need to do is look on youtube. Some apply to modeling in general so it doesn't matter what software you're using and some tutorials are software specific. @jackdarkness12 looks good bud. Modeled the scabbard for the Spatha V2, rest of the renders here - http://imgur.com/gallery/YAp1Q
  9. Show us what you're working on!

    Very true sometimes simpler is better. are you talking about the grip on the hand and a half sword? that's leather. But the grip on the gladius isn't. I modeled a new weapon based on a Roman Spatha last night. And also I am reusing parts to create different variants and weapons for the Empire - Rest of the renders of the Spatha and other variants http://imgur.com/gallery/yug2Y Several more crossguards, pommels and blade variants and different types of metal on the blade and hilt and also wooden hilts are going to be included. SPATHA V2 COMPLETE SWORDS OF THE EMPIRE - Rest of the renders of the Spatha V2 - http://imgur.com/gallery/fwJEX The T and S underneath the crossguard stands for Tiber Septim the first Emperor of the Imperial Empire The Empire is Law - The Law is Sacred
  10. Show us what you're working on!

    Thank you daoudalqasir. The decorations are mediocre though and could be significantly better. I will retexture and remodel some parts of the gladius (if you're referring to the gladius and not the hand and a half sword). I'm not satisfied with the results, the imperial "akatosh" symbol wasn't meant to be black but it didn't look good being engraved since the ambient occlusion did not take it into account and therefore it had no shading. The floral designs on each side of the symbol aren't that great either since the AO map doesn't recognize them and it doesn't apply shading/shadows to them. I could paint the shadows in manually... Something like this would have been fantastic - http://images.supremereplicas.com/is/image/maskworld/sr-121803-1?$mainshot-2$ But that stuff is usually achieved via sculpting. I don't have access to Zbrush or Mudbox to do that. Blender has it's own sculpting tools but I am not that familiar with them and I know they are not as powerful or user friendly as the Zbrush and Mudbox tools are considering they are software specifically designed for sculpting. I can try modeling in floral details. It's just much more inefficient to do so.
  11. Show us what you're working on!

    Thank you Argor! I edited it and attached an image.
  12. Show us what you're working on!

    Working on an Imperial Gladius, the model and textures are likely to change, the gladius isn't as easy to unwrap as the hand and a half sword is due to so many spherical shapes. This will be my next import into Skyrim, once I'm satisfied with the final model and textures. A scabbard is also on the way. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/KV8dy
  13. Show us what you're working on!

    Thank you Argor, once I'm comfortable and efficient with the workflow for Skyrim I'll apply for one of the provinces.
  14. Show us what you're working on!

    Thank you Kettlewitch. I'll give it a shot and see how it goes, I appreciate the advice and information
  15. Show us what you're working on!

    This is my first time importing one of my models into Skyrim. I'm new here and not involved with Beyond Skyrim. But if given the opportunity I would love to donate weapons/props/clutter models if requested. I modeled the sword in Blender 2.78c and textured it in Substance Painter 2. Although there are a few issues with it notably the grip being reflective which is an issue I have still not rectified. The normal map on one side of the blade also appears flipped in Skyrim. Yet it appears normal in Marmoset Toolbag and Substance Painter. Here is a link to the sword on artstation - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/oRJE4