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    Application : programming
    I'd like to join your team as a programmer and creation kit user. I already did some little projects with the creation kit but I really want to improve by working with you. I studied in computer science so I'm used to  languages like C++/C, C#, Java and it won't be a problem for me to use Papyrus. I want to help you bring the idea of the world to life by implementing the quests, the lands, the NPCs etc...
    Here is a link to the videos of my projects : https://mega.nz/#F!oFoFiIgT!We4idDhPoEgTDIeMmavRyQ. The first video is a Unity project I did during my studies. We had to create a race game. During this project I did the landscape, I also programmed the red balls and green balls that the car can fire. I programmed in C#. The second video is a creation kit project. I created a sword which can blow ennemies away when power attacking.
    I'm willing to learn and do the best I can to help.
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  2. Hopper added a post in a topic Application : programming   

    Thank you for the reply. I'll post some videos of the sword and unity projects I made as soon as I can. For the unity projects does it have to be a video also or should I upload the project on the forum ?
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  3. Hopper added a topic in Recruitment   

    Application : programming
    Hi there,
    I'm posting here because I'm really amazed by what you are doing. I would love to join your team. Also modding with such a big team would be very stimulating. I didn't made any mods but I did some stuff with the Creation Kit like creating a sword which blows ennemies away that kind of stuff. I also started to dive into the quest system but I was lacking motivation so I stopped. Join your team would keep me motivated, improve my skills and allow me to make awesome stuff with you at the same time. Aside from that I'm 22 and I'm in last year of engineering school in computer science so I have some skills in programming. I made projects with Unity so I know C#. I'm accustomed to Object Oriented Language like C++. I read some documentation about Papyrus, I'm not an expert but I'm willing to learn. So that's it I hope you'll consider my application !
    Have a nice day
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