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    I am sorry for any offense given and my activity will cease at once, I ask fora final chance and will humbly return.
  2. Discord

    Can someone please explain why after I submitted work for the team I was immediately kicked from the server with NO REASON GIVEN! MY WORK WAS SENT AND THEN I GOT KICKED?!
  3. Application

    Yes I do, and can write a dialogue if given a scenario. ADiscourseontheWhite-GoldConcordat.pdf LetteroftheAldmeriDominion.pdf ADiscourseontheEconomicsofCyrodiil.pdf
  4. Application

    Forgive my persistence but in this case I have supplied several short pieces I have written to demonstrate the type of aid I wish to supply. General books and random letters if anything. LetteroftheAldmeriDominion.pdf ADiscourseontheWhite-GoldConcordat (1).pdf
  5. Application

    Greetings, I know my chances are slim but I would like to indite for the Beyond Skyrim Team. I can boast an education of classical literature and are large knowledge of TES lore. I am trained in poetry and find most strength in iambic pentameter. I have studied masters and would like to further develop my work and assist others in their endeavors. I compose most blank verse but dabble in heroic couplets. I have a small taste of a larger poem I am working on. To stoutly thole the angst and scorns of love. Whose blissful song inspires the Chian bard And holds, in honored stead, immortal fame And peerless reverence ‘mongst the hallowed realm. Whose woodnote hymns bewitch the passing ear And praise the Lords who dwell in bliss eterne. I thank anyone for reading this, adieu.