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  1. second great war

    We wont do any second great war like story
  2. will the rest of cyrodill be added

    No and there wont be for a long time
  3. Application - Writer

    Not on illiac bay but it would be a good idea to link some stuff you have written
  4. Welkynd and Varla stones

    Being worked on i think they respawn
  5. Welkynd and Varla stones

    The stones are a known bug and will be fixed in the next version of bruma.
  6. Lore check recruitment

    Beyond Skyrim doesn't have a need for that.
  7. Is this cancelled?

    it hasnt been tested yet on SSE yet though if i ever have some extra time i would love to try it
  8. Is this cancelled?

    See even if we got past the moving trees theres still the issue of density
  9. 2D/concept art

    passed it along
  10. 2D/concept art

    Hey! do you have any preferred province?
  11. Bruma and Cyrodil compatibility

    Cyrodiil and bruma will be compatible but cyrodiil won’t be on Xbox one
  12. I'm not sure about your character question but I can answer you region/province question. It's shouldn't cause any issues as each beyond skyrim mod is in a separate world space than base game skyrim.
  13. Writing and Lore Application-Razak Loremaster

    Hey can you show us an example of your writing abilities?
  14. All would be fine so we can see your skill set.