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  1. Lanforge added a post in a topic Student Application Thread (level design.)   

     1. I have never used the Creation Kit.
    2. I would prefer to do Dungeons and Interiors, but am willing to do Landscapes.
    3. I would prefer to use a forum thread.  I rarely use Skype.
    4. I am interested in working in Atmora, Thras, Elsweyr, and Roscrea.
    5. It should be noted that I am in school, though this shouldn't affect too much, especially over the summer months.  I want to learn here and work on the whole of Beyond Skyrim because I love the idea of expanding Skyrim with multiple massive and independent stories.  Beyond that, working on the project and learning here should assist me in having content for a portfolio when attempting to move on to working with a company as a level designer or writer.
    ALSO I intend to work my way through the Bethesda tutorials alongside/outside of this, for whatever that's worth.
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