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    Application: 3D Whateverer
    Howdy. I'm jell. And like a billion other people I've been brought to the community by Bruma's release. Figured I'd throw my hat in to do a little freetime-permitting 3D work, if needed.
    Normally used to the VFX side of the fence (TD work and modeling, primarily), working on music videos and the like (and a couple crappy horror flicks, but... ahnnn, those are probably best glossed over), but I've handled realtime and near-realtime enough to have most of the bad habits knocked out.    Most immediately relevant skills are your basic modeling, texturing, yadda,... but I'm game to get a bit more familiar with CE itself (and CK, of course) to see how far it can bend.
    *shrug* Have a look. See if I might fit somewhere.
    And... while I don't really have any nostalgic tie to a particular province, the lore and styles of Elsweyr are a little too cool not to want to work on. But honestly, I'd go wherever.
    Appreciated. Have a good one!
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