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  1. Application: Writer and Misc

    Unfortunately, due to some changes at work, I'm no longer able to put in the time and effort that this project deserves. I can't wait to see what you all make
  2. Application: Writer and Misc

    Hello everyone, my name is Finn and I'd like to join the Beyond Skyrim: Illiac Bay team. I've been a fan of the Elder Scrolls games for several years and count Daggerfall and Skyrim as my favorites. Lore is my strong suit and I feel that I could bring a lot to the table in that regard. I would love to write lore and quest related books for this project. Below are some examples of my writing. The first is my interpretation of the fighting styles of each race, based on my background in HEMA and similar combat sports. Military Tactics For the next couple pieces of writing, I built upon the bits of the Orsimer language available in ESO Orsinium. I used the in-game books to create a grammar and then used Aldmeri and the dialogue in Orsinium to build a vocabulary. I'd love to create and expand upon this language more for this project. Orcish As far as a particular task, I feel that I would fit best writing for and expanding the lore for the Orsimer in northern High Rock by writing more of the Orsimer language to further develop their culture in the 4th era. And because of my background in medieval combat, I would also be willing to be a part of the weapons and armor areas as there seems to be a surplus of writers. I have experience with multiple weapon types and have studied the relationship between a culture's armor and weapon development.