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    Application for Design, Writing & Lore
    Hello! My name is Shane--or DosBuster on the internet--I am applying for a position in the Beyond Skyrim development team. 
    Morrowind & Oblivion were some of the first games that I was truly immersed in; their world and stories have stayed vibrant in my memories for many years.  So, of course, the most interesting provinces to work on for me would be Cyrodiil & Morrowind; however, I'd be happy to work on anything in the Beyond Skyrim project. 
    My love for the series has given me an extensive knowledge of the world--lore, stories and all--as well as a wishlist of certain thematic concepts that I'd like to explore in the world of Tamriel. The biggest thing that I find in mod projects is that often the stories & dialogue lack proper technique, while I am not a master of all things writing & storytelling I obsess over the quality of my work to an extent you won't find anywhere else. 
    I've attached links to some works I've done in the past, I hope you find them enjoyable. 
    The Beast of Ibiza - A short tale dealings in the concepts of fame and the facade of a celebrity's public image
    My mental notes for The Beast of Ibiza, these are meant to show my thought process, very little intelligible information lies within
    A Fallout-based Quest Design Document
    An abandoned Fallout 4 Quest mod - this is the design diary, provides insight into more of my design process and how I approach building quests from a complex level
    A Vision Document for an open source game I worked on in 2014. I was very young... and very dumb in this project; luckily, my failure taught me a lot of great lessons that I apply to the projects I work on and my life on a daily basis.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to hear back from you all soon!
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