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  1. Recruitment: 3D Modeller

    You are not applying to writer's position so there is no problem with your spelling
  2. Important Announcement

    May moons shine upon your way and may you never have to live this through once more.
  3. Application: Dialogue/ Quest writer

    Just to clear things up - Hammerfell and High Rock are in same (Illiac Bay) team. Morrowind team is making whole Morrowind and not just Vvardenfell.
  4. Carriage and Yurt progress

  5. Pre-releases

    XD, I actaully agree with Crow. You hunt this info as much as you can, but I assure you Elsweyr is going and it will come out eventually ;).
  6. Elsweyr Recruitment Thread!

    Hi, I want to join as writer to Elsweyr team. Here is link to my recruitment topic. https://www.darkcreations.org/forums/topic/11762-recruitment-writing-and-lore/
  7. Recruitment-Writing and Lore

    Hi everyone! My name is Kipras but I suggest calling me Cyprus (Yeah, yeah like that Greek/Turk country), it is an English version of my name. In community I am known as Stranger. I am applying for writer position. I like all provinces and because of that I don't have a favorite one. I am really interested in TES lore. I like finding similarities between many TES and LOTR or GoT stories. I am not very experienced in writing but I am working on another mod. I will share what I wrote for it. About other things: I have CK but I am very new to it and I decided to learn scripting when I'll have more time. I am always looking to improve myself in writing and modding. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you! EDIT: I think that I would want to join Elsweyr team if it would be possible. Assassin Path.pdf