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    May moons shine upon your way and may you never have to live this through once more.
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    Just to clear things up - Hammerfell and High Rock are in same (Illiac Bay) team. Morrowind team is making whole Morrowind and not just Vvardenfell.
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    XD, I actaully agree with Crow. You hunt this info as much as you can, but I assure you Elsweyr is going and it will come out eventually ;).
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    Hi, I want to join as writer to Elsweyr team. Here is link to my recruitment topic.
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    Recruitment-Writing and Lore
    Hi everyone! My name is Kipras but I suggest calling me Cyprus (Yeah, yeah like that Greek/Turk country), it is an English version of my name. In community I am known as Stranger. I am applying for writer position. I like all provinces and because of that I don't have a favorite one.
    I am really interested in TES lore. I like finding similarities between many TES and LOTR or GoT stories.
    I am not very experienced in writing but I am working on another mod. I will share what I wrote for it.
    About other things: I have CK but I am very new to it and I decided to learn scripting when I'll have more time. I am always looking to improve myself in writing and modding.
    Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you!
    EDIT: I think that I would want to join Elsweyr team if it would be possible.
    Assassin Path.pdf
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