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  1. Shonvaal Inn and Frulthuul Blacksmith

    Thanks! It's a mix of both, upper parts are custom Roscrean set and the cellar is good old Riften and Windhelm.
  2. Finishing up a blacksmith's workplace in Frulthuul as well as an inn in Shonvaal; Dragonheart Inn. Five guest rooms and cool mead from the local brewery across the road, well worth a stay if you're a weary traveller!
  3. Meyuvon Falls

    Working and revisiting the Meyuvon Falls-location. A large cave where many underground rivers meet and flow back into the sea. Great fishing spot for weary adventurers!
  4. Cave of the Forefathers

    Recently joined Beyond Skyrim: Roscrea and started out creating the Cave of the Forefathers - an old tomb where only the upper parts are being visited reguarly. The old passageways below hasn't been visited for decades so cobweb and dust covers the corners and a chill wind is blowing towards the inner sanctum...
  5. Join Roscrea Team

    Hello, I have followed your progress for a while and I'd like to help if there's any room left! I study game development (programming and level design) and I have created o couple of mods for Oblivion and Skyrim. My largest one is Shroud of Jotunheim which took me over 800 hours if I recall correctly. It never got out of beta but all the level design is done: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/32120/? I have also created a half-finished top-down rpg as a project in C# Monogame and if you'd ilke a sample I can send it. Right now I'm getting into Unity in the hope of soon starting a major game project on my own. I also compose music, mainly fantasy and ambient stuff. You can check it out on Spotfiy: https://open.spotify.com/artist/47auZ4GxTgZxY9PVw8h5qp or on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWMcgJen0p8Z_ZTQ0WpdZtA And if it's of any importance, I love to write stories and I'm writing a fantasy novel in my free time (sadly it's in Swedish, and I suppose that is gibberish to you heh). I'm eager to see what you guys can do with this project in the future! Regards, Martin