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  1. Hello! My name is Jon Babb, and I have been composing music since the early 2000's. I am the creator of both Oblivion Music Overdose and the Morrowind Music Overdose series. So, I suppose you could say that scoring Elder Scrolls music is quite my forte. Those mods are quite old, but I am glad that I could contribute music to Morrowind and Oblivion in some small way. I understand that there is already music being used for Beyond Skyrim, and I may be too late to apply; but I would like to at least let you hear some examples of my work. Hopefully, in time, I may have the honor of composing music for the Imperial City and other parts of Cyrodiil. I am not Jeremy Soule, but our styles are somewhat similar in some regards. Here are a few examples: Cinematic: https://soundcloud.com/jonbabb/love-never-ending https://soundcloud.com/jonbabb/soul-strings https://soundcloud.com/jonbabb/lady-of-the-light A piece I did with Asja Kadric: https://soundcloud.com/jonbabb/as-my-heart-beats Fantasy: https://soundcloud.com/jonbabb/the-journey-home https://soundcloud.com/jonbabb/the-graceful-maiden Thank you for listening to my music and hopefully your consideration. My heart is certainly in this and I hope to contribute the best music I possibly can! Kind Regards, Jon Babb