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  1. Altmer Concept Art

    Hello! (I am completely new to these forums, and have basically no clue as to how things work - but that's not there point; therefore I digress.) Nonetheless, I was wondering if anyone here had any idea as to what Aldmeri architecture is like. From in-game sources, you can see the Velothi architecture in Morrowind, the re-hashed-cookie-cutter homes from the MMO, and the White Gold Tower in Oblivion. But what would an actual Altmer, High-Elf home look like? Specifically, I am looking for concept art. I drew this picture (I am very bad at drawing. Atrociously bad.) and made a mesh in Blender - which I just so happen to be garbage at that too. I cannot get the colors right at all, it's extremely difficult doing the windows and trying to imitate the peaking, towering architecture that you would expect. Does anyone on the forum have any concept art they have seen? I am in desperate need of them because I'm trying to make a Skyrim mod. Tips would be appreciated. For further reference, I will link a few pictures from google to show what I was basing this off of. Sorry for so many images! Please reply with any general descriptions, comments, or images you can. Have a great day, and thanks in advance.