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  1. Show us what you're working on!

    Working on the Roscrean Clutter claim, still need some optimization:
  2. Show us what you're working on!

    Almost ended this helmet remesh for the resource files, but a weird problem ahead; from certain camera angles the mesh disappear, need to figure out what it's going on :| (any help it's welcome ofc)
  3. TestingTianZiKarstPillars

    Stunning, nothing to say more.
  4. Darkgondul Weapons

    Version 1.0.0


    Just a weapons resource made for fun; file complete with .nif model and textures, but there is always a room for improvements.
  5. Show us what you're working on!

    That's pretty sick, always amazed by your color combinations and unusual graphic effects; Did you planning to use the double parallax map/layer technique? I'm sure it would benefit a lot
  6. Weapon type dilemma

    I had a little private conversation with kettle witch before posting this, and he told me about that isn't inusual some pause of the members, long or short doesn't matter, so since the 3D modelling it's a little pause that I grant for myself, I'll end what I've started at last when I can, but in any case I leave the claim respectfully because I don't think it's right to occupy a determinate position when there're a lot of talent 3D artists ready to claim a weapon set a doing a better job. In short, some of these model are currently fully functional ingame, and need to be refinished a little bit, others just like the 2 handed axe, or the maul are totally thought was wrong and during this "experiment" thinking period I've managed to redone something, for example the battle axe was redone completely from 0 (I don't have a screen in game for that, sorry and yes it's totally different from the previous wip); I've even tested something for PocketGuideToNothingReally, but I can't guarantee any continuity... In the end, I'm sure that I'll be able to grab some time for my hobby, I'm sure of that since I needed for my mental sanity (believe me, working every day with numbers it's make you insane about seeking arts in general, at last for me) and i don't even model for play my models in game at all, just for the fun of doing it, honestly I don't play a single game anymore, so I'll end something about and give the dropbox files to someone *poor who will take it* , but I'm not sure what I'll end since giving an incomplete model to someone, in my opinion, it's not good and could lengthen the time a lot.
  7. Weapon type dilemma

    Sorry all for the absence, but I had an intense work period and the things will not be good for the future in terms of free time, in short I've got a promotion that throw me around the EU countries for meeting and workshops and i can't guarantee the continuity of collaboration for this project. I'm sorry for the late response, but I've taken time to evaluate if I could continue on this project and I can't, since the weekend has become a really rest phase for me that, with all the honestly as I have, waste any reasonable will on continuing this hobby. Again sorry, but all this wasn't on my life project and I can't lie to you that personally I'm quite happy for this and I'm sure that someone of more professional will take the weapon claim and do a better work then mine. Thank you all for the comprehension, suggestions and enthusiasm that you gave to me, it's more rare find these things then a perfect model in an artists modding community, all the best to you.
  8. Weapon type dilemma

    By blessing the weekend, started the refining processes:
  9. That's wonderful, nothing to say more.
  10. Weapon type dilemma

    Thanks! Hope to show more about the old models next time, I didn't have enough time these days, sorry :
  11. Weapon type dilemma

    Grabbed 2 hours today to end up this little mess ( waiting for the 30th March when I'll have more free time ) Hope to have more free time in the weekend to start the texture polish and refining processes before start the ranged weapons, sorry if I'm not too much active during these days.
  12. Weapon type dilemma

    Time for a falchion, it's not ended, the base mesh as well this time; based on a German Falchion: Any suggest it's welcome as always
  13. [WIP] Suran's Animals and Creatures

    That kind might be exotic, but you can always make a different type based on another species, for example the Caretta Caretta.
  14. Weapon type dilemma

    Eldaire thanks! I would, but i didn't finished the claim, and they need the blood shape and the scabbards as well (and textures are not finalized as well), sorry :