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  1. Kvatch

    Go Cyrodiil!
  2. little island of Akavir and of Atmora

    Good sir Cryzeteaur, old and outdated forums don't tend to be replied. And I feel it is my duty to inform you about it. Plus people don't take necromancy kindly. Yours truly, Pokenees
  3. Kvatch

  4. Status Quo

    Well I would give you a ring once I am done with my EXAMS.
  5. A pleasure to see you guys.

    I am extremely sorry to have caused so much trouble. How was I to know them as rumors. Just wanted to give Thras an encouragement. Sorry about that.
  6. Believe me or not it is very lovely to see you guys are still striving for Thras. When I first heard about Thrassian Conflict with the leads I was startled and worried. But I now see that it was for the best. It is unfair that rule breakers are not punished and your decision is beyond wise. I would thank you for doing this for us and remind you that we are still standing alongside you. Thras, we stand with thee, now, forever.
  7. Status Quo

    Well do you guys need any side writer or anything. I can only write, unfortunately, and that said the skill is only a little bright.
  8. Kvatch

    Same here as Armor.... I mean Argor Nash.
  9. Kvatch Shop Signs

    I am literally blown away.
  10. Status Quo

    Lovely to see you updating the forum . Anyways, how do I join SLACK?
  11. Kvatch

    Nice. If you ask me, I would say that it would have more tables for the customers to dine on and is Brass Flask the name of the inn?
  12. Kvatch

    Yeah! Updates.
  13. Pells Gate

    Nice progress Bella! Wish you could share more of this, I really crave these updates.
  14. Kvatch

    Love you and your work Sir Fireknight.
  15. To The (Two) Moon(s) and The Sun

    Always happy to help. Anyways, according to me, the disappearance of the moons was from sight rather than existence. The moons were never destroyed or taken into another plane but an event like an eclipse took place, maybe a really prolonged one (after all it lasted two years). But if we see from the way of science the physical change is improbable. The Khajiit are very sensitive people in the matter of moons. Their caste system, their religion, their types or races and even themselves are based on the moons. If the moons wandered out of sight, the Khajiit would largely panic. Their cubs would not be able to get proper upbringing and education which would lead to these cubs being outcasts and different. The society would reject them and this may be a cause of a mental illness. They would be same from the features and looks but from the inside they may be underdeveloped and this would also explain why their are so many Khajiit bandits and criminal (society rejection = desperation and homelessness = the wrong path/ criminality). But if you, developers, may work with the physical problems then you would need to create further designs and textures to support the idea. I would await your reply and comments. Yours truly, Pokenees