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  1. What about the destruction?

    Could one of the Admins please shift this into the lore forum? I guess, it would be fitting more...
  2. What about the destruction?

    Hey guys, during a deep dive through the Elder Scrolls lore - more precisely: the concept of The Towers and their destruction - I discovered this: Due to the loss of so many towers, the barrier seperating oblivion and mundus is as weak as it was never before - which obviously should have impact on the everyday life in Tamriel. Will this be contained in the story of 4th era tamriel, you're creating? Basically, is it planed to include the plot of The Thalmor to destroy the mortal plane and mankind into your project? And the reasons behind it? I mean, not only mentioned, but in form of quests for the last Dovahkiin and the freedom of choice to whether safe or annihilate Nirn... Will there be the multiple times implied "Anti-Annhilation War"? In which projects will this be included? And if not, could you explain, why you leave this, in my eyes, pretty important plot out?? Is there probably still demand for new story writers???? Got so many ideas... Hope here are some willing Senpais to get into conversation. I am not even sure, if this is the correct thread to post my stuff in...
  3. Student Application Thread (3D Assets.)

    I hope, you're still accepting new students to the university... 1. I have Nifscope, Blender and GIMP 2. I would like to first looking around and then choose, what fits most... 3. Doesn't matter if thread or PM; we can also do Discord, Teamspeak or Skype, just wuould have to buy a better micro, I fear... 4. It's a pitty, that I must leave this place empty. 5. I am definetly willing to learn from my teacher(s) and every more experienced user, because education never ends. Also, I adore TES for it's deep lore, and now with the chance of contributing... I guess, the majority of this forum knows how I feel. Yes, just let me in and I'll prove worthy! If I had just discovered this project earlier...
  4. All about Beyond Skyrim

    Is that true? Even if the basic level of skill is around 0? Is that really true, when I am dedicated and willing to learn from the more experienced modders? That would be wonderful!!!
  5. How to: Getting started

    New scholar joined the university. To be honest: I've never had any editing software (neither scripting, nor graphic editing ones) on my pc before. Also, I am not sure, which kind of contribution I actually want to do. (Rather level design or 3d modelling,...) So you may think now: OOOh, how could he be a certain help for our projects? And guess what? I also thought so. But it was my love of Skyrim that changed my mind. I am willing to learn! Nothing more, nothing less. (I guess) these tutorials are pretty good and moreover rather specific, however (seemingly) not really suitable for newbies in this field. Am I mistaken? So do you know how I can get started properly? I mean to get a first foot in the door... Just enough to be able to upload first fruits of my work and skills... Update: Well, I've seen, there are some threads actually "handling" newbies, which are fitting my requests probably pretty good. If you want to, see this page more as an Introduction and a shy request of being invited to your society - hope, you know what I mean Hopefully your devotive ScriptScroll