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  1. Relationships with NPC'S

    What the actual fuck man you look like Ryan Gosling lol
  2. -45- I. If you could you would. My hand are cold. Im shrinking into my normal form. What could happened? Nobody will look at me as they did now. Just becouse im dead. Everything in the galaxy could come to me if i wanted to. But now i cannot even retrieve what i could not. Is this what i get? This is the final test and my blood is like sweat. My bodily fluids are burning in my wounds as i walk the passage of death. And they are looking at me. They are laughin as i go step by step to the man with a cup of sweet drink of pain and suffering. His eyes without eyelids are looking at my body. He cant laugh. But he would if he could. What should i do now? Laugh with them and smile at my fortune or should i shout at everything in sight and tell them that iam not what they are after? Man without face is still looking with his eyes poping out of existence. He is looking throu me like through glass. He has nothing to say but he has something to look at. Its pleasure for him to see something that rots away like meat on table that worms are eager to slam their little bodies until they feel the sweet ironish taste of flesh. As he hands me the cup of furious water i sip and dip my lips deep into the smoky fluid. Im slowly drowning as he watches me drown in his own cup of missery. My body is crushed, while its being sucked through the small entrance to the piece and enternity. I cry at my life and death. Everybody gathers around the cup and laugh at my feet sticking out of it. I scream with pain on my teeth. But they cant hear me from the fluid inside the rusty metal cup. They would laught more if i would show them my pain. My foot nails are now scratching the inside of the cup. Everybody around me is now horrified and man that gave me the cup pulled his eyes into his skull. Everybody is now screaming from pain. Me and my tormentors.
  3. Silly guardo Aitar

    Whiterun guard Aitar. He forgot his sword somewhere around the whiterun and ya need to bring it back to him. You could actually befriend him after that. Dunno if he could actually follow you becouse he is a whiterun guard but still. It would be good if some guards had actual personality to 'em. Finally a friendo guardo ey ?
  4. Im not really good at this "office" papering but it would be good that her husband was Whiterun guard and died from ... some causes. It would be good to know that some of the guards really have families. I think jarl is just pulling them out of oblivion and dresses them like piece of meat. You never see such interaction with guard anyway. (Does not belong in book section now.) It would be good to have some sort of guard npc quest that we could actually interact with and maybe befriend him.
  5. Dawnstar

    Aii im sorry if this does not belong here but ya should make somethin with these refugees jumpin above our palisade. Just slam there the invis border so they wont do shit when they get to our wehmen and kiddos. #DawnstarForKinsmans
  6. Winterhold

    Soo i was just kinda bored and my life was slowly runnin so i just scratched this as i heard you will be makin' new look for the spiky Winterhold. Take this as a concept art not an art work tho. I know i should post this in recruitment thread but i think its bettah here ey? With luv Derthie