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  1. I’m sorry to know that this is dead, I saw the sketches on some of the islands and they looked real promising
  2. Progress on the Black Harbor area

    Who rules the three islands
  3. Progress on the Black Harbor area

    Do you plan on adding main storylines to the three islands
  4. Progress on the Black Harbor area

    Does the empire control the islands
  5. Progress on the Black Harbor area

  6. Progress on the Black Harbor area

    Once it’s released how would you get there and do you have a rough estimate when it’ll be released
  7. Progress on the Black Harbor area

    Is this related in any way to beyond skyrim
  8. Progress on the Black Harbor area

    This looks incredible
  9. Jehanna Essential Assets List

    I just thought there was new progress being made on Jehanna and that’s why I was interested
  10. Jehanna Essential Assets List

    There are a lot of google docs links on dark creations that I can view with no problems except this one so I just thought it was a mistake
  11. Jehanna Essential Assets List

    Excuse me man but apparently I can’t view that link because I don’t have permission.
  12. 06/11/2017

    Thank you galandil and in the base game, I thought that Whiterun was one of the most detailed cities if not the most detailed in Skyrim because the way it looked and the feeling it gave made it seem vibrant and it had named districts in Whiterun so that made it more interesting than the other cities were
  13. 06/11/2017

    I wasn’t talk about walls anymore for Falkreath or Dawnstar they’re fine already but I’m sure the guy in charge of this mod has probably a few more ideas for Falkreath and Dawnstar. As for Morthal and Winterhold yeah I think walls would be a welcomed sight especially for Winterhold so they look like actually cities instead of towns or villages.
  14. 06/11/2017

    I know but holds is in the alpha version right now so who knows what could happen in the beta or even the full release version like maybe some changes will be made to Falkreath and Dawnstar as well
  15. 06/11/2017

    I would like to put in my two cents on this, first of all, whoever created those pictures above deserves a pat on the back, they look promising and seem to be detailed. Second of all, the first time I played Skyrim and I first looked at Winterhold, it was barely a town much less a city and more like a ruin and I actually compared to the city of Kvatch in Oblivion because it was a ruin too. Third of all, I honestly think after Winterhold you should probably focus more on the cities that don’t have walls like Falkreath, Morthal, and Dawnstar and fix that as well because when I first saw them when playing Skyrim they looked more like large towns than actual cities because they had no walls and I also remember that every city in Oblivion even the ruined city Kvatch had walls which made them seem like actual cities but that’s my opinion Galandil.