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  1. Elder Scrolls VI Location analysis

    If that trailer does show high rock or hammer fell as the setting for elder scrolls 6 then I guess the illac bay team will be going into overdrive
  2. Elder Scrolls VI Location analysis

    Excuse me Markus Liberty but if that trailer is really elder scrolls 6, will this affect the Beyond Skyrim project in any way.
  3. Thalmor in Roscrea

    I’m curious to know is there gonna be any thalmor in Roscrea I’m just asking because they’re supposed to be in any place the Empire has making sure Talos stays outlawed
  4. I’m sorry to know that this is dead, I saw the sketches on some of the islands and they looked real promising
  5. Progress on the Black Harbor area

    Who rules the three islands
  6. Progress on the Black Harbor area

    Do you plan on adding main storylines to the three islands
  7. Progress on the Black Harbor area

    Does the empire control the islands
  8. Progress on the Black Harbor area

    Once it’s released how would you get there and do you have a rough estimate when it’ll be released
  9. Progress on the Black Harbor area

    Is this related in any way to beyond skyrim
  10. Progress on the Black Harbor area

    This looks incredible
  11. Jehanna Essential Assets List

    I just thought there was new progress being made on Jehanna and that’s why I was interested
  12. Jehanna Essential Assets List

    There are a lot of google docs links on dark creations that I can view with no problems except this one so I just thought it was a mistake
  13. Jehanna Essential Assets List

    Excuse me man but apparently I can’t view that link because I don’t have permission.
  14. 06/11/2017

    Thank you galandil and in the base game, I thought that Whiterun was one of the most detailed cities if not the most detailed in Skyrim because the way it looked and the feeling it gave made it seem vibrant and it had named districts in Whiterun so that made it more interesting than the other cities were