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  1. Application: Writer

    Thank you for taking the time to apply, but in order for a writing application to be considered it must feature writing that can be used in the mod. Sometimes, a writer can be the best writer in the world when it comes to articles or prose but can barely string a few lines of dialogue together or write a quest that isn't a fetch quest. I really enjoyed your articles and I loved the video, yet you'd be better off applying with either an example quest or dialogue. For the format that dialogue and quests should follow: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1mWkOTuNkUiSMnvAPGpF_HZwr3uqhywyCzwmc02Jic4I/edit If you're not used to writing dialogue and branching narratives, we have a server were Beyond Skyrim members offer feedback and advice to people learning modding skills: https://discord.gg/DvKTpsT Also, do you have any provinces that you're most interested in? I look forward to seeing what you come up with! - OMWDA
  2. Jason Yao (Concept Artist 2D)

    I'm sure any team would love to have you! Brilliant work.
  3. Hi there! My name is Jonathan, or OMWDA the Detective on social media. I joined Beyond Skyrim as a writer for the Elsweyr team on 29/8/2017. I've been recently thinking about expanding out and helping other teams and I saw that Roscrea wouldn't mind some writers, so here I am today! I'm afraid that I know as much about Roscrea as anyone who isn't a dev would know: that it's a small island in the Sea of Ghosts, it was conquered by Uriel Septim V, and later annexed by Solitude. I know a decent amount of TES lore, nothing too out there, but enough to get me by. I enjoy writing side quests that are centered around choice and consequence, and strive to make each quest more memorable than the last. A lot of Skyrim's quests felt like they were merely incentives to get the player to explore the worldwide . I like to think that quests can be engaging narratives and encourage the player to explore the world, not just for the satisfaction of seeing that Quest Complete sign. It's a pretty tall order, and I hope to get closer and closer to achieving it. Although I like doing quests the most, I'm perfectly fine with doing in-game books, dialogue, and really anything writing related. I've put together a small example quest for this application. It's set in Roscrea, but I bet it conflicts with every single piece of lore you guys have come up with. Sorry about that. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ukZsMO762Kwoqrf0Gk7OpaY_i-0suUtfQ-O7I3tjhto/
  4. Thought re: Custom Animation

    The custom skeleton/animation problem has been fairly well solved. Aerisarn made a tutorial about it on the Arcane University discord, and I believe Skyblivion has recently added deer with custom behaviors, so I'm not sure if it's necessary.
  5. Ohme Sweet Ohme

    Yes, we are adding all the forms of Khajiit to Beyond Skyrim: Elsweyr. They won't be playable characters, for that goes against the idea of not changing the base game, but they will most certainly be in Elsweyr.
  6. ES vs ESO

    ESO's landscape as a whole was rather generic, with almost all of the provinces being relatively flat. In comparison, Skyrim's landscape was quite varied with cliffs, waterfalls, mountains and more. Beyond Skyrim attempts to emulate Skyrim's quality as much as possible (if not more :D). ESO isn't a big influence on the development of Beyond Skyrim, sometimes we might use a bit of cool lore if we find any, maybe some design inspiration if it looks nice, but never going for a carbon copy of ESO's depictions of the provinces. Your point about the provinces being is a great one. At the Elsweyr team, we try to make the player feel a sense of culture shock, being thrown into a strange culture unlike anything they've ever experienced before, and I'm sure that Black Marsh has similar ideals in mind. Thanks for the feedback, I hope this settled some of your fears
  7. Application: Quest Writer

    Um, why is this on my thread? If you want your application to get noticed, I'd recommend starting a new thread.
  8. Application: Quest Writer

    Thanks man!
  9. Cultural Magic of Elsweyr

    Magic of Elsweyr Hello there, my name is Jonathan, or OMWDA, and although I am not an official member of the Beyond Skyrim team (yet, crosses fingers) I just thought I'd like to post some ideas on what I thought could make magic more unique and interesting in Beyond Skyrim: Elsweyr. I, unfortunately, am not very well versed in the Creation Kit, so some of these things might not be possible. Feel free to suggest more to add to this list. One of the key influences to Elsweyr it seems is the African culture, which could be expanded on with War Drums. War Drums: War Drums will use cooldowns instead of mana and can have a variety of effects. They can be played for up to four beats before the cooldown sets in, each beat multiplying the effects. Their range of influence varies on the drum but all of them are between small to medium range. They can buff allies and/or debuff hostiles. Some of the more powerful War Drums have active effects such as staggering enemies. All War Drums have an omnidirectional AoE effect. On the visual side of things, each beat should have a sense of impact, maybe a quick pulse with each beat? I think the sounds are pretty self-explanatory. The players will be able to find these in Khajiit villages and dungeons. This was covered in another thread but I thought I'd post a quick summary of it here. Kiai: Kiai is similar to shouts in a lot of ways but with quite a few differences gameplay wise. They have much shorter cooldowns, with only a couple of seconds, than shouts and instead of having active effects, like throwing poor, feeble Bandit Chiefs off the Throat of the World, give temporary buffs/debuffs. The buffs are more powerful than War Drums and potions but only last a few seconds. I am unsure whether these should be short range or long range, but I think they should only affect one target. On the visual side of things, a quick flash of light that travels in the direction that the player is facing, and either quickly fades away after a couple of meters (short range) or travels until it hits something or disappears from sight (long range), depends on which way you guys chose to go. For there sound, there will be a quick crack, like lightning without the thunder. Due to the Khajiit culture of manipulation, sneakiness, and theft, I thought it'd be good to include a few concepts centered around those values. Charm falls under manipulation Charm: Charm will be a spell under the Illusion tree. It will have a varied success rate and a varied success time based off of the character's illusion level. If successfully cast it'll force the target into fighting by your side for a little while. It'll have three tiers: Charm, Influence, Control. Charm only works on non-hostile characters. Influence has a lower base success rate than Charm, yet works much longer. Control works on hostiles as well as non-hostiles. It'll be cast as a projectile like Firebolt yet has a clear gray color and is very faint. The sound it makes is a faint whooshing. This next effect is tied directly to an artifact called the Eye of Rajhin. The Eye of Rajhin falls under sneakiness. The Eye of Rajhin: The Eye of Rajhin is an artifact, presumably given to the player by Rajhin himself by completing a quest. It'll be an amulet which will grant the reasonably overpowered ability to see NPC's through walls. It has a reasonably far range and reveals NPC's in all directions. Visually, the effect of seeing NPC's through walls will be a kind of red ghost shader. I'm not sure if this is possible, but maybe the enchantment goes down a little bit for each enemy revealed, with 75 reveals before running out. While never being mentioned by the law, it's entirely possible that Rajhin made it specifically for the player. Lockwhispering is an ability the player can use to both unlock or lock doors. Lockwhispering falls under theft. Lockwhispering: Lockwhispering is a spell that when cast on a locked door, it unlocks it, and when cast upon an unlocked door, it locks it. The cost of the spell depends on the level of the lock being broken, lowest being Novice and highest being Master. Locked doors can prevent enemies from reaching the player during combat and can break up guard patrols. Lockwhispering is a projectile spell that has a light golden-brown color and is reasonably opaque. It makes a small clicking sound whilst locking or unlocking doors. I'm afraid that's all of got time for this evening. I'll be back tommorow morning to update this list with more magical goodies. Until then, have a good one. OMWDA
  10. Application: Quest Writer

    Hello there. My name is Jonathan, or OMWDA in the discord, and I'd like to join the team for the Elsweyr province as a quest writer. I have a reasonable understanding of Elder Scrolls lore (nothing insane, but enough to know a lot of the key players and political struggles going on in the Fourth Era) and have always loved Elsweyr the most out of the provinces of Tamriel due to its unique culture and religion. Seeing as Elsweyr has never been covered in an Elder Scrolls game before, it presents a clean slate to write truly original and unchained quests. Elsweyr itself is very interesting with the Thalmor presence, moonsugar, never seen before styles of cities like Dune and Rimmen, the Khajiit's take on Azura, or Azurah I should say, and the Divines, and much more. My goal is to create side quests that are on par with the main quest, and maybe even beyond, similar to what the Dark Brotherhood questline was for Skyrim. Gone are the days of fetch quests, clearing out bandit camps and killing creatures! Although my application is primarily for sidequest writing, I could also help with the main quest, dialogue, books and other writing related content if required. Attached to this I have included the script for a possible side quest to do with a Thalmor Embassy outside of Senchal: EDIT: I have reworked the quest to be much longer, from 3 pages to 14 with more dialogue and quest options. The formatting is now much more in keeping with the example quest: Suspicious Negotiations.docx