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  1. Building a PC for my brother, but I ran into a problem. Want to know what it is? All three towers are a bit too small for the motherboard to fit in. The three towers are from PCs I am going to have to refurbish one day.

    1. Markus Liberty

      Markus Liberty

      Just squeeze it in there, I'm sure it'll be fine :D

    2. viltuska


      ^that's what she said.


  2. Dragon Age: Inquisition

    I just wish I didn't keep restarting for various reasons. It made the game kind of boring and such for me. If I can get to the point I left off at, I can resume, but that's a couple dozen or so hours into the game. It reminds me of what happened with RDR. I loved that game a lot, same with this one, but I had to restart the game several times because my 360 kept overheating. I would get a couple or so hours in, and my 360 would shut off. Of course with DA:I it's because I didn't like the class or my characters looks.
  3. Keep me in your thoughts/prayers. We found my Grandfather dead this morning.

  4. Argonia rumors

    I know a lot of people like the guy and all, but really, just how much of what he says should be taken seriously and how much is just him making stuff up for fun? If he doesn't actually work for Bethesda proper anymore, him saying the beast race homelands are off the table for this decade is at best educated speculation. He may well be right since Hammerfell or Summerset seem like the two most logical places for the next game to take place and it's most likely going to be too close to the end of the decade to squeeze in something more after it. I like him, but I think people are overhyping what he can do and all. Yes, he had to do with lore on Skyrim and such, but even so, the direction the series takes is more on Todd and Bethesda themselves, than him. I am sure he will continue to help with the lore and all, but I honestly don't think certain aspects of what he has written will come true. I mean, a highly technologically advanced 5th era? No thanks. I prefer the fantasy now. Anyways, on the Reddit forum this is what he said: "Speaking of avoiding questions, I obviously can't talk about what I do or don't know about the upcoming official TES projects coming out in the future, so we're not going there either" Then you get into the 9th era part.... I honestly think we'd be dead before they did that, unless they did around 2 games minimum per era. His Obscure Texts are great, I will give him that, but as I've said before, I don't want certain aspects to come true. Another thing is with Landfall, I honestly don't think it'll ever be playable, or even included. One big thing with Landfall is that the Nerevarine appears. With how Bethsoft is anymore, I honestly don't think this will come to fruition. They kind of hate mentioning player characters. They only give very general aspects. Pretty much main-quest related stuff only. No race, sex, previous life, etc. Another thing is that the Altmer will disappear from existence, so that's something that would be kind of taboo. Though, I am not sure how the Thalmor will win if the Altmer are erased from existence. Unless they become a different race.
  5. Argonia rumors

    I'm just surprised he confirmed that it will be "next-gen" only, but the gaming media never covered that. Many still think it might be on the 360 and PS3, which to them I tell them Todd's Tabletop analogy. I've been saying since 2013 or so that the next game will be next-gen exclusive. Still where is the Fallout IV reference? I honestly don't remember if there was ever a true reference anywhere. Just hints with how development goes and how they talked about switching between series helps in ways. I think it was when one of the developers talked about how they moved on from mostly brownish type palettes or something. Still, I feel Fallout 4 is the only logical conclusion. People bring up New Vegas, but TES had ESO. It was still a spin-off, no matter how different.
  6. Argonia rumors

    God Dammit, Bethesda. He also said that the Thalmor eventually win. *Spoilers* Nah, but seriously, that's probably a few games ahead of Skyrim. If they're going that far ahead, then maybe that will be Todd's retirement game. (203x) Still, something will have to happen after they win. Unless it's the end of the series, they won't just leave it at that. I'm just wondering if this is factual or if it's something they might do or whatever. I know Kirkbride is still a lore-consultant and such, but this is kind of heavy stuff. Who knows, maybe they win and then try to destroy the towers and you have to stop them someway. He has to just mean winning the war. If they win the whole thing, the series would be over, or at least everything would reset. There'd be too much work in that though, and everything before would of been void. The file below has him talking about it. This might be a future Aldmeri Dominion we're talking about, not the current one. I'm willing to bet it is.
  7. Argonia rumors

    God Dammit, Bethesda. To be honest though, I'd rather wait another gen or so to get better tech that will give certain provinces justice. Valenwood is another place I want them to wait to do so they can give the moving cities proper justice. Though, I suppose Anequina and Pellitine might be good for this gen. Rootworms and a few other things would be best on later generations of technology.
  8. Argonia rumors

    They've done about all of Tamriel. Arena covered all if it if I remember right. Anyways, technology changes a lot. Skyrim was vastly different then it was in previous game like Arena and if want to include Dawnstar.
  9. Argonia rumors

    There's two different filings for the Redguard thing, but they're not related to the old one. Also, I am the same as you, I'd rather not have Obsidian touch it either. Their writing is overhyped.
  10. Argonia rumors

    I'm just surprised he confirmed that it will be "next-gen" only, but the gaming media never covered that. Many still think it might be on the 360 and PS3, which to them I tell them Todd's Tabletop analogy. I've been saying since 2013 or so that the next game will be next-gen exclusive.
  11. Argonia rumors

    It's a different font though, so that's a big hint for it not being the same trademark. The old trademark is still there, but expired. They didn't do another trademark of the same name until around 4 years later, and that's the current font. I do think that Hammerfell would be better. However, Redguard was of the Adventure series, and most ES fans don't even know about the game. So calling it Redguard probably won't be a problem as much as calling it something like Daggerfall or Arena. Also, it wouldn't be a DLC, it would be the next game. Who knows though, maybe Obsidian is trying TES out this time and doing a spin-off like they did with New Vegas.
  12. Argonia rumors

    I'm pretty sure that was an April Fools joke from Planet Elder Scrolls.
  13. Argonia rumors

    They don't want to disappoint fans and have it delayed and such. They've always done this, and for them, showing something is better than just saying it. I do agree with them a lot on these areas. Many developers are quick to confirm/announce a game and have it be several years later till it's released. Todd Howard said they want to shove it all out at once. They don't want to have to wait a few months just for a trailer and such. Those three months were the worst for me with anticipation. A screenshot may be worth a thousand words, but a trailer is worth more than a million words.
  14. Argonia rumors

    There's WAY more of a possibility for Hammerfell because of the new trademark "Redguard". The trademark is in the same font as Oblivion and Skyrim. They trademarked it around the same time that Skyrim's trademark was; around the time the previous game was released. Also, the old Redguard filing is still there, but officially dead as there's no point in filing for it anymore, same with Daggerfall and Arena. Though, I have to say, Hammerfell would of sounded better. Of course, I could be wrong, but from what I've seen, I doubt I am. They also have a new engine they might be using for it, but I might be wrong on that. What makes me think it's for BGS Games is that is has two separate trademark filings called "Void Studio By ID TECH", and it pretty much confirms they're going to be modding kits. The third filing for it is "Void Engine By ID TECH". Also, Bethsoft already debunked Argonia, and from what I've seen, it screams fake. Sounds like someone was playing a lot of Assassins Creed. https://twitter.com/DCDeacon/status/535579620880707585
  15. Of Robes and Imperial Battlemages

    This is a rough sketch of something I am still working on.