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  1. Blender 2.7+ Nif Exporter Tutorial

    I have exported several models with this way and have never faced an issues I can't handle until now. My latest model seem to have all the settings correct and exporting goes successfully as usual. But instead of having BSLightingShaderProperty the exported nif has NiAlphaProperty. Could anyone give me a clue what might be causing the issue?
  2. Roscrean armor sets

    Great work Argor nash! It looks awesome and is true to the idea I had for the guard armor when I made that poor placeholder.
  3. Roscrean Dungeon Set

    Sorry for the late respond. Those plants are placed in CK. Rocks are part of the mesh.
  4. Native Roscrean Clutter

    I can already imagine how these pots will look into the dungeon set I'm currently creating - and that imagination pleases me. Good work with the pots!
  5. Roscrean Dungeon Set

    One new exterior piece for the set:
  6. Roscrean Dungeon Set

    Thanks JBathropson. They are not yet perfect, but I'll try to refine them in the future. Now I have created and pushed them in hurry just to make some progress and to learn the interior modelling which I have done never before. The next steps I will take are to create models for rooms, halls (these will be a bit different from halls seen in vanilla sets and are rather tunnels on two levels, that's why the current tunnel models lack stair pieces) and clutter (such as stone-pile-bed where dead ones are left to "rest").
  7. This is still WIP, but the first 12 models needed for simple tunnel construction are already in the game (however some of them might need some tweaking). Nevertheless they are usable and will reach the Git soon. I made a small test dungeon not far from Crane Shore to take some pics.
  8. The old man has returned from the woods... And what does he see? His home is cleaned and inhabited by weird people. Is this the modern day Roscrea? Looks better than the old raw one, but feels...different...

  9. Sunken City Dungeons

    There's also the Toorheim, a city which was famous of it's huge forge powered up with the flamejewel (a fragment of sunstone). It was near the location of Crane Shore and has an entrance already on the exterior at the bottom of a pothole hidden near the Crane Shore. The interior was started as well but it's not too far to be redesigned.
  10. Required Dungeons

    You are right - as usually. While we need several dungeons the ones related to the main quest are the most important ones to bring in life. There are at least two important ones which development haven't yet started: - The Shaft of Forefathers, medium sized nordic dungeon with large burial shaft where the ancient Atmoran chiefs are buried. It's located under the wordwall at the abandoned temple area of Frulthuul. This dungeon might contain undead or/and frost trolls, gehenoths and grahls. - Creingolsh, ancient ruin alongside road in the woods not too far from Crane Shore. This dungeon is special and contains two areas. The first one is common dungeon player can explore at any time. The another one is sealed part of the dungeon player which entrance is hidden within common one but will open during the main quest. The sealed area is a large dungeon but also contains a huge room which differs from the rest of the dungeon with look and tone and is clearly build by something older than the Atmorans. That room contains the Sunstone, large magical object which shines like a sun and flows with flaming magical energy (and which the Quaestor uses to open a portal to weird realm during the MQ). The dungeon first part is home of glaistics but the sealed one is haunted.
  11. Required Dungeons

    We have several entrances for caves (on both warm and cold areas), nordic ruins and we could also use shipwreck dungeons here and there on the coast. Occupants could be corsairs, beasts, glaistics or undead. And we require all sized dungeons from tiny to huge. Let us know which kind of setup interests you the most and I'll find a certain claim for you.
  12. Corsair Armory

    Your talent with models and textures is beyond of anything an average modder can do. Great job once again! Dare I ask if you could create a war-axe or a mace for that same corsair set?
  13. Crane Shore

    That one looks nice. However I notice there log texture used for Riften is made on different side than the ones made for Roscrea. As you see the model shape makes the walls around windows look a bit odd because the logs are going on wrong direction. This can easily be fixed by rotating the UV's 90 degrees at that part of models.
  14. Crane Shore

    I tried to take similar pic with new textures but Arn turned his back to me. Likely he is upset by the more rugged look I gave to his dear smokery.
  15. 20160516125226-1.jpg