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  1. 3d Application - Moose

    Hey folks, it's Moose, otherwise known as Moosie over in the public discord channel. I'm 21, and looking to help with the project(s) in asset creation. I've been puttin it off for a while now, but here I am presenting some of my work in hopes to join Morrowind as a 3d artist, if not other projects as well in time. I've been learning, half on my own, half with the help of y'all at the Arcane University discord server (but mostly the discord. Seriously, thanks for putting up with my troubles) Here are some render shots in Quixel of my work and some in-game screenshots of the axe I just finished: And with that, that's all I have to show for now, but more is sure to come. Starting after I post this, I'm going to start looking into 3d sculpting to make environmental assets and potentially creatures (but mainly environmental stuff), as well as continue trying out weapons and armors. Thank y'all for considering me.
  2. Show us what you're working on!

    Howdy folks. After a fair amount of headbanging and frustration, I think I finally got to a point where I have my first finished asset. Still ain't to a point where I have it in the game or anything, but I'll be sure to take my crash course lesson into all that soon. Just a steel dagger for Morrowind, based on Jhzargo's concept art: