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  1. I dropped a post here about a year ago and thought I'd do so again after the warm reception of Bruma and a collection of update videos for other projects. I can offer fully functional versions of any of the languages from the Elder Scrolls series. Language creation has been a long standing hobby of mine and I just published my first grammar for my longest running language (You can peek at a pdf version of it here). My best work is when the languages that I'm developing have constraints, which is the case for many of the Elder Scrolls languages, since we only ever get snippets. In addition to expanding on the languages, I'd be able to write dialogue, lore books or create images in native scripts for artists to add to game objects in those languages. I also would be able to coach voice actors who would need to be speaking languages, be they ones that I create or ones that exist already. Definitely interested in any of the province projects as well!
  2. Hey! I'd definitely be interested in helping with that too. Is there someone in particular I should contact? Should I just hop on that forum?
  3. Heya, my name is Christian, also chrsevs here and elsewhere, and I'm interested in offering help as a language creator, translator and coach. I'd be interested in working on any projects that want to include any of the languages derived from the Ehlnofex, Hist or Dragon tongues--probably would end up most likely being Merish provinces, Black Marsh or Elsweyr. I haven't seen any other people applying for the same sort of thing, so I'm not sure if the demand is there, but I figured it was worth a shot offering it up. I'm a member of the Language Creation Society and have worked on numerous constructed languages, the most robust of which is my Modern Gallaecian, which seeks to recreate the Celtic language spoken in Galicia. You can find the working dictionary here and the WIP grammar here. I've done one language job for profit that I unfortunately can't share, because of the client's request, however, that project was creating grammar and vocabulary from samples he'd written already, which mirrors what working with most of the TES languages would be like. I studied linguistics in college and had one class where I got to put some ample research into Dovahzul. A friend of mine in the program and I even started work on fleshing out Jel from the existing corpus, though we put that on hold indefinitely. So should any of the projects want to include some languages other than "Cyrodilic", be it in lorebooks or in dialogue, I'd be happy to create, translate or coach voice actors to make it sound native! EDIT: I just saw that Elsweyr has a project for Ta'agra, so there's hope!