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  1. yoku steel

    i love the armors, just one question, how far along on develpoment for the 3d textures and the terrain/city development?
  2. Bruma Needing Gates

    i under stand the point that you guys are trying to make but the team might have some nice $500-$1000 pcs, but i have the most high end xbox one s with only 2 other games installed, and im still getting a huge drop from 50pps to less than 10. if it is some error that i made installing the mods or any other mods that might interfere or just a general thing or mod that will help me get better fps, please comment back. and i know that it may only be a slight improvement for their games but i am telling you, if you do make one with Bruma enclosed, i swear that it wont be a 40 fps drop, probably around a 15fps drop. so please, help me out guys. Thanks!
  3. Bruma Needing Gates

    Heyo, ive been playing BSB on my Xbox One S ever since it was ported over. I Absolutely LOVE the mod and cant wait for further creation of Cyrodiil. ONE THING, when within the area of about a mile from bruma and inside bruma, if i look in the direction of the city my fps goes from 50 to less than 10. Why? BECAUSE, no gate. I fully understand that people hate the idea of gates and waiting for loading screens, and that it takes away from the whole immersion aspect of the game, but honestly, I'm simply asking for you to create 2 versions of the mod, one like how it is now, and one where the city is its on Game Room, but still keeping the aspect of seeing foliage and building from outside the city. This would really help me and some of the other people who are having trouble with the lag on the Xbox version. This would also need to be a thing with any further city mods coming out for BSB. This might just be a lot to ask of you guys and the whole team, but if it were made, I and many many many other Xbox players of BSB would really be thankful. Thanks!