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  1. Changing NPC Clothes

    So, I'm trying to create a Bruma plugin that adds clothes to the Bruma zombies. I opened up BSAssets in the Creation Kit, browsed under Actors to BSK_Zombie_Race, and on the Inventory tab of all the entries listed, I changed the default Outfits (2 drop down fields normal and sleeping) both to beggar clothes. Saved the plugin, added to data folder in Skyrim, ticked it on on the plugin tab on NMM, sorted with LOOT and fired up the game... Zombie doorman guy doesn't have beggar clothes on as I had expected. I tried leaving to a different area in the cave and coming back (forcing a loading screen) and that didn't do it either. Do I have to leave the cave entirely, maybe? Can someone help me with what I'm doing wrong? Thanks -- total noob at this.