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  1. Animal Talk

    I haven’t seen a thread or topic that is all about our lovely pets at home so, I have decided to create one. I own a noisy beagle at home, his barking behavior is quite irritating before and I am happy that it somehow lessen after a series of training with the help of a citronella collar. He remains to be hyper, though, as he runs from one place to another. Then roll over the lawn in the backyard, dig a hole afterwards bury his toy.
  2. Weekly updates

    I am looking forward to your update this month , when are you going to create a post?
  3. Voice Acting

    I have always wanted to try dubbing.
  4. Discord

    Have you personally leave him a message?
  5. Kvatch

    What a great screenshot that you have there, this is really exciting.
  6. Gore Games Suggestions

    What is your favorite horror game on PS4? I am currently playing Resident Evil: Biohazard and I am getting a bit boring, so I am looking for great suggestion.
  7. Favourite Music

    I love this song, so bad!
  8. henlo new guys here.

    Welcome to the community, I hope that you will love your stay.
  9. Addressing complaints of Fallout 4

    It is such a great relief whenever you get to say your complaint. I hope that there will be chages/update after this if they are planning to create another series.
  10. The "Lol" Thread

    You have absolutely nailed it!
  11. Favourite Music

    I have some random favorite and pardon me for I am into a modern type of music with no specific genre. This will be the song that I want to hear on my wedding day if only my boyfriend knows how to sing.
  12. Welcome and introduction thread

    My name is Bella and I am the latest addition to this community. So, how are you guys? Pardon me for I am not good at introducing myself. I am an online gamer, I love gore and horror genre. I am nocturnal, I am hyper by night and weak in the morning. I guess that's it for now feel free to leave me a message if you have any question.