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  1. [WIP/REL] Clutter Compendium - aka Morrowind Style Clutter

    I officially rescind my permission to use this mod on any DC projects. If I cannot work with you people, and I cannot get even the respect of having my profile removed, then I will return the disrespect the only way I can.
  2. Why do people love khajiits but hate argonians

    At least as pure as they can be when intermarriage and artificial selection leaves them massively inbred in their home culture. Though I suppose when you go for purity most people forget that includes all the negatives in the bloodline too. That mindset sort of ends up getting what it deserves eventually. Anyway, this is getting and has been off topic. Also that's a definite generalization considering all the awesome non-stuck-up Altmer in the games. Like Honditar, Hecerinde, Arrille, Errandil, Tyermaillin, etc. Then again, a generalization from someone who's posted "aryans only" in response to something isn't surprising.
  3. Why do people love khajiits but hate argonians

    Markarth is one city, whereas I was referring to race-wide "traits" that get overused in fantasy. I don't really see your point considering that this isn't a case where it was that way in every single game, province, city, etc of the Elder Scrolls. You see Orcs acting much like anyone else in Cyrodiil because they aren't unrealistic oil-and-water cultures that can never meet in the middle. But then again you can't read.
  4. Why do people love khajiits but hate argonians

    I notice a lot of typical "I don't get this so it shouldn't be in the game" mindset. I'm glad you guys don't work for Bethesda or us beast-race players would be further marginalized on either side. It's bad enough that modders use this as an excuse to release broken, incomplete mods that look horrible the moment any beast race character or even orc wears a helmet. And if there's a connection to be made to furries, then so what? There's a lot of us out there. From your summations of them you guys sound pretty ignorant of us as a group. It's so easy to generalize off of stereotypes, and hearsay. Then again, you guys have a politics board to train on for that... Actually on topic though, I'm glad the Elder Scrolls isn't a typical fantasy universe where Orcs go around raping people to procreate, humans are utter jerks, elves are bigger ones with the help of a persecution complex, dwarfism is equated into a separate species, and of course just because something looks a bit more animal than human, it's going to be more violent and vicious than humans, despite humans having a record of brutality longer than history... Simply put, if they're ever removed, it'll be a sign that Bethesda games have gone further into decline and I can't support them anymore. They already have made sure to have them be the most 2D characters on average the past few games, like an afterthought. Then again this is a developer that decided to include same sex relationships, but did so by making all of the spouses bi, and giving them as generic of dialogue as possible...
  5. Dungeon/Level Design - What Is Your Memorable Moment?

    Bethesda fucking sucks at dungeons and following how they do things is a bad idea.
  6. I will check it out, thank you. Other tutorials on the site have already helped me understand where my attempts to convert free-to-use environment maps went wrong.
  7. [WIP] As of yet unnamed generic armor mod.

    Here's the beta I mentioned. Now on the nexus.
  8. Yeah, as the title says, I haven't meshed anything for Skyrim in ages (and was using the morrowind export method at that point) , and only got armor to work back in Oblivion times, and those were mesh edits, not additions. Does anyone have what would at least add up to a "for morons" tutorial on this subject? Bits of it? I'd appreciate anything at this point. I've done a bit of searching but it's not all very intuitive for me, especially in the random order you often find it. I've found a few things around here but they kind of all end up as extensions to an unclear beginning. Where do I start, and how exactly do I do modelhacks of existing armor? Also is there anything for blender?
  9. Warpick

    Yeah, I think I'll back up what he said. That looks more like what someone with an understanding of metal would design as a fancy weapon rather than someone who just makes video game stuff.
  10. [WIP] As of yet unnamed generic armor mod.

    In any case, I'd like suggestions and ideas. Input, generally. Offers for advice with problems would be nice. Anything, really. Edit: If it will really take this to get any help or advice at all, I'll upload an alpha/beta/whatever later today. this site seems too busy for me.
  11. [WIP] As of yet unnamed generic armor mod.

    Updated the first post with newer screenshots. I will get better ones soon, but it's hard to make sets with some of the uneven piece counts. Not every item has a direct set it goes to. Also interested in a partially closed beta. Contact me about it. I might not be quick getting ready for it, but it'll happen most certainly. If you're really impatient to help I can upload a current version. Just realize it has outstanding issues and features yet to be implemented.
  12. [WIP/REL] Clutter Compendium - aka Morrowind Style Clutter

    I officially rescind my permission to use this mod on any DC projects.
  13. Texture Tips

    I know this is sorta old too, but I'm intrigued. How exactly do you do that with the snow? I love multi-use resources.
  14. [WIP] As of yet unnamed generic armor mod.

    Ah, I'm sure there are other projects, but this one is pretty much devoted to a certain tier, so there's room for it alongside the others. In particular, I was planning on focusing on steel and lower quality armor, with a few modeled pieces eventually. EDIT: Wow, holy crap. that's like a full version of the starting idea I had. I guess that means that the focus on creativity with extras has to increase for me.