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  1. Hello Beyond Skyrim community, My name is Jacob Mould (also known as Uncle Bones), and I'm hoping to join the Beyond Skyrim development as a 3D prop or Environment Artist. I've been following the project since 2012, and while this is my first time on the Dark Creations forums, I've been keeping up to date with your updates ever since. I am a recent graduate of Teesside Unviersity, having gotten a first in Computer Games Art, and I'm looking to work on a project developing 3D assets for use in-world. I want to be able to put my skills towards something I consider to be great, and I'd love to get involved with a mod that I've been fascinated with for the last 5 years. While I'm currently rather too busy in real life to devote all my time towards large portions of the project, I'd be very happy to develop assets, props, items and general environment art towards the project whenever I can. I have experience modelling, sculpting, texturing and working with game engines. While I'm not overly familiar with Skyrim's Creation Kit, I dabbled in the TES Construction Set in my youth and I'm quick to learn new programs. If you'd be willing to accept my help, I'll endeavor to understand the software more completely as soon as I can. I have experience working within a 3D art team working towards a game product, and I've been a Team Lead (art) during a game creation project in 2016 (Teesside University Journeyman Project). You can find my Online Portfolio here. While some of my more recent work has been more stylised than what you'd see in Skyrim, I'm a flexible artist and can easily adapt to the overall art direction of the project. Two years ago I developed an environment based off of Oblivion's Chapel of Kvatch; while my modelling capabilities have improved significantly since then, I do have experience developing art in the style of Bethesda's games. I have no real preference on which province or team to work with, however I'm more familiar with Cyrodiil than I am with any of the other provinces. I am also over the legal age to purchase and play Skyrim in my country (United Kingdom). I hope that you'd be able to find me a space within your art team. Regardless of whether I'm needed, I would lastly like to say how incredible the development of this project has been so far, and I can honestly say that what has been produced so far is amazing. Hope to hear back soon, Jacob.