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  1. Bilegulch Revamp

    It's fan fiction because of the way I put it. Bilegulch Mine is supposedly a developing orc stronghold in a lot of trouble with Falkreath's government/Jarl. I felt bad about wiping an entire tribe from existence and cutting the leader's the head off. So, in my dang ol' fan fictitious mind of mine. I thought of a way that the player could've took a 3rd option (besides not doing it), what if the player was persuaded into taking a different route. Siddgeir and Dengier are conflicting because the imperials took away Dengier's position as jarl, and forked it over to his lazy son all because he stands with the imperials in the war. Yes, you make Dengier jarl through the civil war quest. But throughout your time in Falkreath, Dengier raises suspicions on everyone including his own nephew. So, I used that fact to make it into a complete alternate story. If Dengier is informed of the dealings between the bandit camp and Siddgier, Dengier could turn the town against him and dethrone his nephew. That would create a vantage point for the stormcloaks and possibly pacify Bilegulch Mine. But overall, I don't that'd just do it. The Orcs are not stronghold Orcs, they're seen as bandits and were recently targeted by Siddgeir after HE flopped on a deal. They'll be seeking blood still regardless if you and Dengier took care of Siddgier. They'd want something greater than a new ruler. Money is the key to everything. Pull a Silver-Blood and bribe them to pacify so they can coincide with Falkreath as another stronghold rather than a bandit encampment.
  2. Elsweyr Recruitment Thread!

    Good, have you had a chance to read my pieces yet??
  3. Elsweyr Recruitment Thread!

    I've opened it to public veiw, I'm sorry. It was an assignment from last year. It's a narrative and dialogue isn't as frequently used as it would be in a video game. I'm sorry that I didn't have anything more recent. Most of my stuff has been written on paper, because my gmail got hacked a while back. . https://docs.google.com/document/d/1EdCBf9zpTZOG2LBrnhVVWlEbmEPXqFOadi2LaPUZClU/edit?usp=sharing . https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jgJAOpMhvIk1_MsEhMeR9OOnmj1nLULCZsq78pTfLSY/edit?usp=sharing . There's 2 links, one is "The Spaceman" Narrative the other is "Last Moments", Last Moments is a tale about a man who's gone through a lotta pain and stress to only be shot and killed as a way of fixing fictional Cleveland's governmental issues. I used a bit edgy language, but it's mostly clean. If that's a problem, than don't read it.
  4. Elsweyr Recruitment Thread!

    I agree, I just have always played as a well educated Khajiit mage that returns to Elsewyr to banish the Thalmor. I tend to forget that, that wouldn't be entirely possible because of the fact that Khajiit weren't treated like garbage to the extent that Bosmer were. I like incorporating my own characters from recent plays as my own characters in writing, so it's easier to think of their certain build, tendencies, ect. . On another note, I'd love to show you guys my writing. Unfortunately, I do not have any lore based material of Elsewyr at this moment, but I have a bunch of random stories. Basically, they all have to do with characterization and dialogue patterns, and mannerisms. On my own time, I write comics and for my own mods I do my own conception art. Anyways, from this piece you'll see certain parts of what I can offer in the writing aspects. . https://docs.google.com/a/gbwebacademy.org/document/d/1EdCBf9zpTZOG2LBrnhVVWlEbmEPXqFOadi2LaPUZClU/edit?usp=sharing
  5. Velothi Mountains

    Hey, I've been keeping this quiet since Ive only been making Blue Prints and stand alone NPC's. But, the mod Im currently working on is a factions mod that will cover the velothi mountains. . Lore - Now, it IS impossible to make a New Lands mod correlating to the Dragonborn's quest and still have it "lore-friendly" no matter how you manipulate it, the Dragonborn never went to Cyrodiil or any other place outside of Skyrim and Solstheim. That's the entire story. So, after a few redbulls and battling with writers block. I thought "Who Cares?" The lore of this mod WILL CONFLICT with all around lore, but basically. Regardless, if your an Argonian or not, the Dragonborn cannot know the way to Argonia, and the path that makes the most sense? Goes straight through the Velothi Mountains. Now, Ive fully customized and voiced my own main character, a former Shadowscale hiding in the Ratway, named "Itzli", will be waiting there in the Ratway Warrens above the traumatized Imperial Veteran. He'll lead you to Argonia, and throughout the way there you'll uncover details of who exactly he is and why he is the way he is. I thought it'd be best to do that since he uncovers one of Nirns biggest misteries to a guy who's fallen off of a mountain 90 times. (The Dragonborn). . Progress? Ive written the entire story and have the whole questline mapped from start to finish, originally I was going to have the player only go to the nearest hold. But, itd be incredible if we were enabled to make the mods coherent. Ik its a lot of work and you'll finish before me, I dont have much history in publishing mods. But, Ive done a lot to this so far and I think the story is good enough to pass through as one of the fellow Beyond Skyrim's. If it's possible than Id be grateful for you allowing me to do so, if not? I'll do it anyway but maintain my original plans. Its a win, win for me. I just believe that as far as the mod goes, it would be a very fun experience for Argonian lovers and Skyrim fanbois and gurls to see the full extent that Argonia can reach. . What I have planned? . Armor Itzli's Old Armor Simple light armor, that's concept art is based off of the Shadowscales in the card game. The armor rating will match the Dark Brotherhood's, but have different enchantments. It will be uncraftable because its his own armor, and it will have varients for women and humans and khajiit but the main point is that it was made for a male argonian. . Weapons Following the Aztec's military basics in weaponry it'll be mostly based off of the basic surroundings of the Argonians. . Kothringi Race Adding stand alone textures for them, along with their own armor set all based off of ESO lore. . Naga Race Also adding stand alone textures for them, all to depict what the various books have described them to be as. Both of them will be non-playable. . Argonian Hairstyles All around just to add versitility and customization to the Argonians because Ive gotten so mad that no matter how much customization you do, you wont ever make someone stand-out. . Alternate Questlines and Dialogue Just to add replayability and bring more importance to it, rather than jumping in and killing everything. Each life, is a life and all of that matters. The cleaner/ quicker the kill, the more money and contracts you'll get. Everything will be pent up on how you play your game. For instance, if your character's a brute. He'll be bound to just jump in and attack things where an assassin can taunt and manuever around it's prey.
  6. Hey, this is a general application, regarding the need for voice actors. i posted my dragon impression below and I can sorta do Argonians and Khajiit but Im still smoothening out the edges. For, now I'll only post these 2 dragon impersonations. . Btw, if youre wanting a more Oblivion/ Morrowind voice actor I CAN do Khajiit and Argonians. Skyrim's voice has more of a difference in how they speak so its harder to impersonate, from my perspective. Dragon Voice Take 1.m4a Dragon's Voice - Dovakiin.m4a
  7. Why has no one replied to my application?

    Its actually so hard to get a voice acting gig in modding. People want good voice actors, which they should. But Ive tried so many times and Im always too late. If Im too late? Whatever, if not. I can do Argonians (Male & Female), Redguard (Males), Orc (Males), Breton/Dunmer Male raspy voice (Like Mercer Frey not like Teldryn Sero), Simple Male voices as well. . If youre interested in adding me to the team, Ill gladly join. Ive been wanting too forever
  8. Elsweyr Recruitment Thread!

    Im a lore beard, and I know that mod-wise this doesnt correspond to the general requirements, but Ive received a lot of notices on my writing itself. Im an aspiring author/musician, which doesnt mean anything but most of my stories utilize sub-plots and suspense. Just generally, small details (side-quests) building into greater parts of the story. . I dont know if you'd want me to write the story, Im certain everyone else has their general idea of what they want Elsewyr to be like. But if I can help, Id certainly be greatful. . Originally, I thought the Main Quest would have to be built on the basics of "Moonpath to Elsewyr", but instead of meeting up with a Khajiit Caravan at the complete beginning. We could alter the story a bit and make it so you'll have a REASON to go to Elsewyr. Elsewyr is a bitter desert with all sorts of trouble and chaos. The Dragonborn (or whoever youre role-playing as) wouldnt leave the Province where he's treated like a god to go to a place with a bunch of war and smelly cats (relax), really nobody would. I think the prerequisits should be some sort of Conflict with the Thalmor. Like, throughout the story there's only thoughts of how terrible the people of the Aldmeri Dominion are. Everyone half-way hates them, and theres subtle clues as in why. I mean, even in the main-quest its only Delphine saying "yeah, I think the Thalmor did it" (not actually what she said). Even though the Thalmor already a reason to hate them and grit your teeth, I think the mod should specify what made the Dragonborn so pissed off, to where he literally travels across tamriel to help annihilate them from Elsewyr.
  9. Show us what you're working on!

    sloads are my favorite unseen race